Kylie Jenner is the queen of the surprise release, especially when it comes to her cosmetics brand.

But the product she just revealed came out of NOWHERE. Like, really out of nowhere.

Kylie Cosmetics just revealed on Instagram that they're releasing FIVE matte blushes this Friday.

Specifically, on March 24 at 3pm. 

But this announcement really came out of left field, because Kylie Jenner herself wasn't the one who made it.

Almost every Kylie Cosmetics announcement has come directly from Jenner's Snapchat. You know the drill: she reveals the packaging, unboxes it all, and unleashed those swatches on the world. 

But not this time. 

In fact, some people think this might have been a mistake — we're so used to Jenner making announcements from her personal accounts.

Not only was the announcement source unanticipated, but the product wasn't, either. After Jenner posted this to her Snapchat, many theorized her next new product would be another Kyshadow palette.

kylie jenner snapchat
photo: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

But indeed, it was a line of blushes instead. Hmm.

Strange announcement aside, you can bet Kylie Cosmetics fans are going to sweep every last one of these blushes up when they hit her online store this week.

Just as they did with her Kylighters, which sold out in minutes through multiple restocks.

You can also bet that they'll be listed at the same price point as the Kylighters. That's $22, and you should only buy them from Kylie Cosmetics if you want the real thing.

So if you want one, you'd better prepare yourself for Friday.

Because Kylie Jenner fans are always on their toes.

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