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Kylie Jenner, Realizing Stuff 2017.

photo: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner knows how to keep her beauty fans guessing. This entire week, Kylie Cosmetics has kept the holiday surprises rolling — and fans have been CRAZY over it.

Until today, that is.

Last night, Jenner announced this $360 Kylie Cosmetics brush set — and put her fans on pause. 

The Silver Series brush set ($360, Kylie Cosmetics) will drop on December 13. It comes with 16 brushes, and a silver roll for easy travel. 

But that $360, though!?

Kylie fans are dragging her to hell over the ridiculous price. 

"Bruh. They look like the new wet n Wild brushes. No thanks," replied one user.

Her fans just wanna know what's so special about the brushes that they cost the same as a light and cable bill combined. 

"$360? Did Jesus make them?"

Real talk though — were these brushes made by holy hands or nah?

They're already name-dropping better brush set deals in her mentions. 

"Girl...I love you but $360?!" a fan asked. "You're buggin. I can get Jaclyn's favorites from Morphe for $155."

And with one of those beauty influencer Morphe codes, you can get them for even cheaper. *sips tea and walks away*

photo: Giphy

And fans are going even *cheaper* with their deal recommendations to dupe Kylie. 

Shannon Kardassh on Twitter wants the world to know that there's a silver Ultimate Face Roll  brush set ($55, e.l.f.) already blessing the world.

And it's not a *regular* 16-piece set. It's a cool 19-piece brush set. Silver roll dupe included, baby.

You know, for the regular degulars with average-sized houses .

BH Cosmetics even joined the conversation to remind the world it has brush sets for the LOW.

"Just leaving this here in case anyone wants a silver metalized brush set, but also wants to pay a few bills this month," the brand wrote on Twitter. "It's $16.99 and the reviews are lit!"


There's a 36-piece Ultimate Brush Set ($24.04, BH Cosmetics) with your name on it. 

So it's settled: Kylie's $360 Silver Series brushes are DUPABLE AF. 

photo: Giphy

If you're interested though, the Kylie brushes drop on December 13, along with her Silver Series lipstick and new concealers on her site

Live your best life, makeup lovers.