Kylie Skin walnut scrub
photo: Instagram/KylieSkin

If there's one thing the Kardashian/Jenner family is good at, it's marketing strategy. Well, maybe that's just Kris Jenner. Regardless, her skills have catapulted her family to superstardom, and almost any venture they embark on hits it big. 

So ahead of the Kylie Skin release, we all knew that whether the product really worked or not, they were going to make us think it did. However, the new skin-care brand is off to an extremely rocky start, and its recent promotional video featuring founder Kylie Jenner is proving to be a train wreck. 

The controversy surrounding Kylie Skin is far from over. 

In fact, it seems as if it's just begun. After catching heat for her potentially skin-damaging walnut facial scrub, Kylie Skin came out of the gate losing credibility — and it's just gotten worse. 

In what we assume was supposed to be a face-washing tutorial, Kylie Jenner posted a very filtered, very swift video that seems to have done more harm than good. She applies her Kylie Skin face wash to her hands, rubs it across her face for a solid five seconds, and dries off her skin with a towel ridden with makeup stains. 

To add insult to injury, the video is caped in a floral Snapchat filter made to smooth the appearance of skin. But the video didn't fool anyone. In fact, Twitter has been obliterating Jenner since it was posted, and the responses are pure hilarity.

It goes to show that Jenner might not know as much about skin as we thought. 

"Imagine buying face wash from someone who doesn't even know how to wash their face properly," someone said. Anyone who knows skin knows that a proper cleansing needs to last for at least 60 seconds for optimal removal of dirt, makeup, and any other foreign formulas on the skin. However, it seems that Jenner missed that memo.

Has Jenner just been scamming us all? 

"Kylie been trying to scam y’all into thinking her overnight coke bottle shape was the result of some late puberty and now she tryna scam y’all into thinking she keeps her skin clear with dollar general face wash," someone said regarding the numerous dreams that Jenner continues to sell her fans.

Future dermatologists are optimistic, however. 

But not for the reasons you may think. 

"Now I see why dermatologists get the bread. Y’all keep getting acne cause y’all follow skin care routines like this. How your foundation still on after you wash your face? Anyways y’all keep following Kylie so I can get my bread in the future when y’all come into my office," a future derm said of the many clients he'll have thanks to Kylie Skin. 

Let's be real, Jenner doesn't really use these products.

"She washes her face for 7 seconds, misses her forehead, there's makeup on her towel that has the tag on still, and is using a filter to demonstrate skin care. Mhmm sure Kylie. What does your dermatologist really say?" a critic asked. And while we'd love to believe that a billionaire like Jenner is using her own products, logic and experience with luxury skin care are saying otherwise. We think some Dr. Sturm is more her speed. 

People compared it with that cringe-y Shay Mitchell video — you know the one.

Remember when she pretended to wipe her face with that Bioré cleanser? Definitely not her most shining moment as an actress. 

"Idk what's worse? This or when Miss Shay Mitchell thought she could get away with not rubbing her eye on the cotton round??" someone joked. 

The filter didn't help.

"Mam, the filter defeats the purpose of us seeing whatever effects your product has done to your skin...," someone said. 

Anyone who's ever used a Snapchat filter knows that the first thing it does is blur the appearance of the skin, making one look almost airbrushed. If Jenner was trying to demonstrate how the skin looks before and after using the cleanser, this wasn't the way to do so. 

And why didn't she tie her hair back?

Hair falling in the face can completely impede a thorough face-cleaning. 

"That Kylie vid lmao i dont even want to talk about the foundation in her towel but first HAIR BB TIE YOUR HAIR OMG THAT IS SO FRUSTRATING TO SEE," someone said. 

Literally no one was fooled. 

"Kylie jenner is real dumb for thinking she can fool anyone with her skin care brand. Sis is out here washing her face on camera using a filter not even letting the interested ppl see how it looks when she uses it AND there was foundation on the towel when she was done? no thanks," yet another person irritated with Jenner's methods asserted. 

We're all wondering who told her that this was a good idea. 

With a marketing genius for a mother, it's clear that Kris Jenner had nothing to do with this video being posted. Hopefully, she'll step in and have it removed. 

"At this point I'm wondering if the kylie foundation on the towel video is to be taken seriously or is it like... a joke? Am I supposed to be talking about it to boost your undeserving sales? My poop does better skincare than your line," a harsh critic said. 

Does this video have you ready to buy the cleanser? Because it had the opposite effect on us.