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Kylie can thank her history of excluding dark skin tones from her makeup launches and appropriating Black culture for starting all of this drama.

Kylie Cosmetics dropped at least two nude lipstick collections with no shades for deep complexions in sight. The one lipstick she did market to darker customers actually looks light and ashy on dark skin in real life.

Meanwhile, her appropriation of Black culture remains consistent. From cornrows to Biggie and Tupac shirts, Jenner and her famous family has made appropriating Black culture part of their brand. She's even been accused of selling clothes she ripped off from a Black indie designer.

Kylie Jenner's behavior shows she cares little about actual Black people — but cares A LOT about making money off of us.

It's hard for people to believe a white woman who has unapologetically stolen from Black culture, allegedly stolen business ideas from a Black woman, and excluded dark people in her products suddenly cares about "inclusivity" now.

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She's earned every side-eye thrown her way. 

Fenty Beauty aside, it's Kylie's fault that people don't trust her and it's *her* responsibility to fix it. Jenner will have to do a LOT more to convince people of color that her brand is one they should buy from.

Thirty shades is just a start. Now clean up the rest of your act, Kylie.