When Kylie Jenner announced she was dropping a line of highlighters, the internet freaked out. Her super-shiny Kylighters sold out in under eight minutes.


But according to some Kylie Cosmetics fans, there's a huge problem with Kylizzle's highlighters... they don't exist.

That's right: some Kylie fans are claiming their Kylighters arrived EMPTY.

YouTuber Jordan Byers was one of the first to speak out about this mysterious issue — the compacts arrived safe and sound... with zero product inside.

"I'm glad they remembered to put that little safety cover on the mirror, but you forgot something a little important."

It appears that all the containers that arrived empty are in the shade Chocolate Cherry.

Which, like all the other Kylighters, costs $22 — and is now sold out.

And that means the brand probably won't be able to provide replacements.

Neither Kylie Jenner nor Kylie Cosmetics have addressed the complaints.

And until they do, the internet will proceed to freak out. Some think the claims are fake.

Others are like, "uh, duh."

Many are reconsidering supporting her brand, due to lack of quality control.

Wouldn't be the first time that happened...

But most people are just plain pissed.

Understandably so. $22 plus $10 shipping ain't cheap for a highlighter!

When products arrive broken, it's usually the fault of careless shipping and delivery services. But an EMPTY product is another story entirely.

The issue might be at the hands of the laboratory that produces and packages Kylie Cosmetics, Spatz Labs.

So, Kylie... you there? Your customers want to know what's going on!

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