Jeffree Star is known, loved, and hated for his brutally honest makeup reviews, but it seems Kylie Jenner is entirely over the beauty influencer dragging the Kylie Cosmetics products he doesn't like.

Star took to Twitter to reveal the scorching hot tea on exactly where he stands with Kylie Jenner — and how he feels about it.

(Hint, hint: Jeffree Star is low-key PISSED.)

First things first, it's official: Jeffree Star and Kylie Cosmetics are a wrap. 

"I can confirm I've been removed from the Kylie Cosmetics PR list," he wrote on Twitter, complete with barf and sick emojis.

He considers Kylie Jenner's move pretty laughable.

"Just for the record, I could care less about getting free products," he shared with his followers. 

"I buy anything I have ever wanted to review that you guys have told me about. I invest a lot into my channel and this is just pure comedy to me."

Star also considers his PR list removal evidence of Kylie Jenner not being able to handle criticism of her brand. 

"I love when I speak the truth abotu a product, and then I get removed," he shared. "Hahaha these companies really be scared of the truth getting out to a huge audience." 

Jeffree Star does equal influence, like it or not. Could Kylie Jenner consider his critique a real threat to her brand?

Star also thinks Jenner couldn't handle a negative review about "one product." 

"Someone can't handle constructive criticism," a fan wrote to Star. 

"They definitely can't handle it," Star replied. "It was one product I didn't like. I've given a lot of her stuff rave reviews in the past. All good." 

Jeffree Star is right that he has given some Kylie Cosmetics products good reviews, but I think he's forgotten A LOT more details about his opinions of Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics company.

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When Jeffree Star sets his mind to reading you for filth, it's like Degrassi in the early 00's: He *really* goes there. 

Shall we visit the ghost of wig snatcher's past? Let us go. 

In April 2016, Jeffree Star threw Kylie Cosmetics lip glosses in the trash on his Snapchat, and shared these opinions on Twitter.

"So I got the new @kyliecosmetics lip glosses," he wrote on Twitter. "SO disappointed in this product. That wand is unacceptable."

Although Snapchat posts lasts only 24 hours, the internet remembers and Jeffree Star talked about throwing them away on his Youtube channel, during another review of Kylie Cosmetics metallic lipsticks (which he spoke of positively).

After his review, more Kylie Cosmetics customers began sharing similar experiences with their lip glosses, and the brand had to make a statement and re-circulate better packaging. 

"How ironic that it took ME giving an honest review which got world wide attention, to get @kyliecosmetics to make a statement..." he wrote after Kylie Jenner addressed the issue with her products. 

He also criticized her highlighters, which he felt weren't worth the price.

"For $22, I expected the formula to be unreal," he shared. "I had to definitely go in with several layers."

In their place, he recommended the drugstore brand Wet N Wild's highlighters instead for better pigment.

Burn, baby!

Jeffree Star hated the formula of the Grape Soda lipstick from the Kylie Cosmetics Purple collection.

"I didn't like that it was a little more dry than the other ones," he said about the lip kit ($27, Kylie Cosmetics). "It was definitely a little streaky... I had to put two layers on, which made it more heavy and drying."

And he accused Kylie Jenner of copying his lipstick packaging in her Silver Series collection.

"I gotta know ONE THING..." he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "With all that fucking money she's made, why did @kyliecosmetics use the SAME PACKAGING as my liquid lipsticks that have been out since 2014??? Invest and make something different maybe?"

Jeffree Star didn't just insult Kylie Jenner; he insulted her whole team. 

He referred to the Kylie Cosmetics team as "lazy" in reference to them somehow being responsible for the lipstick packaging he accused her of stealing.

But his most scathing Kylie Cosmetics review was about her infamous $360 brush set.

He *did* like some of the brushes in her set, but commented on how cheap the roll felt compared to others he's dealt with.

But he read her for filth about the price. 

"Yes, this brush is nice. It's fluffy. it applied the powder great, but I also have one that is literally a tenth of the cost that can do the exact same thing. So take that for what it is."

He *also* threw her a little lip-plumping shade when he criticized her set for missing a lip brush:

"If you are the queen of lips and your pumped up lips have gotten you this far, girl where is the damn lip brush!?”


Jeffree Star even read her up and down for daring to compare her makeup brushes to OG beauty brands like MAC and Kevin Aucoin.

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"A little history lesson, Kevyn Aucoin was an iconic makeup artist in the '90s," Star shared

"He put out books that have changed the entire makeup game and he is an iconic legend. So I am a little peeved that someone who has had a makeup line for such a short amount of time is comparing themselves to an iconic legend. Girl, you better chill."

The drag didn't stop there. Star continued to blast Kylie's brushes on Snapchat. The brutal dragging starts at 1:00.

"Bitch don't you EVER compare your brushes to Kevin Aucoin," he said.

Freaking WOW.

Jeffree Star has snatched MULTIPLE Kylie Jenner wigs. It's no surprise she's decided to stop wearing them.

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And THAT'S why it's also no surprise Kylie Jenner has decided to remove Jeffree Star from her Kylie Cosmetics list.