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Fans think Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods could really be over, and they think the proof lies on the Kylie Cosmetics website! Unless you've been off the grid for the past few days, then you know that heavy rumors are swirling around about Woods hooking up with Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson

The news has seemingly rocked the entire Kardashian clan, and it appears that Woods is officially booted out of their social circle. What no one concretely knows is how Jenner feels about this messy series of events. Meanwhile, everyone else with the last name Kardashian or Jenner has unfollowed Woods and Thompson on Instagram, but it appears Kylie Jenner herself is still holding on.

As fans await any form of direct confirmation from either Woods or Jenner, they're hunting down every bit of evidence they can find to prove whether or not social media's most beloved friendship is actually dead. But could the youngest Jenner be speaking her truth through her Lip Kits? 

Fans noticed the Jordy Velvet Lip Kit ($27, Kylie Cosmetics) officially went on sale along with Burgundy Palette and Jordy Lip Kit Bundle Set ($55, Kylie Cosmetics) at some point on Thursday. 

Jenner's followers seemed to have welcomed the sale as confirmation and a chance to rack up on cheap makeup, because both products sold out before the end of the night. Shoutout to beauty lovers who cater to the makeup bag no matter what drama is going on, I guess. 

And yes, these price changes could possibly be evidence that Jenner is in the beginning stages of severing her business and personal relationship with Woods.

Fans strongly believe her friendship with Woods is a wrap and that this decision is final.

"In case there [was] any doubt, Jordyn is officially canceled. 1/2 price lip kit, anyone?" a fan wrote in a tweet of a screenshot showing off the marked-down Jordy Velvet Lip Kit. 

If this is subtle shade from Kylie Jenner, it's super subtle. Let's all hope this isn't a really bad omen for the rest of Woods' career. As we all know, a lot of her branding and businesses were created due to her longstanding friendship with arguably the most bankable sister in the Jenner bloodline.

However, not every product named after or created with Woods is marked down on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

Lots of items named after Woods are still up! The Jordyn Palette ($45, Kylie Cosmetics) and the Highlighter Quad Palette ($40, Kylie Cosmetics) from the Jordyn x Kylie collection are available. The Woods Matte Lipstick ($17, Kylie Cosmetics) is also still there. Everything is still full price, too!

Even the Jordyn x Kylie Collection items that aren't directly named after Woods are still live on Kylie Cosmetics.

The 23 High Gloss ($16, Kylie Cosmetics) and Partner In Crime High Gloss ($16, Kylie Cosmetics) are still alive and kicking! So what does the status of these products mean about Woods and Jenner? Blogs and reputable media sites are all saying they're done, but Kylie Cosmetics is not a hub for proof just yet. 

Don't be surprised if the Jordyn Woods products that are sold out on the website are only marked that way because the internet made a big deal about them being on sale, and Jenner was over the speculation for the day. 

We still have ZERO proof that Jenner is done with her longtime bestie. 

Woods did sort of address the mess, finally.

The model attended the launch of her new Eyelure false eyelashes line on Thursday and addressed the crowd. 

"Thank you guys for coming out and supporting me through everything that’s going on,” she told the room. “It’s been real, and Eylure has been super real with a project I’ve been working on for over nine months right now."

And that's all, folks!

Through it all, Jenner has yet to speak one word about this terrible situation.

Instead of indulging in the drama, she's on her Instagram Stories marveling at the fact that it's snowing in Calabasas. She's also posting makeup-free selfies in chic animal-print pajamas, and it's all so well played.

This isn't quite the silence the public got during her not-so-secret pregnancy, but it's incredibly close. Her next Instagram Story is probably going to comment on how blue the sky is. You know, anything but the real tea her fans want spilled. 

Despite coming from a family that makes millions by sharing the smallest details of their lives, Jenner knows how to remain silent when she deems it absolutely necessary.

Jenner even went shopping with another friend on Thursday. 

And by shopping, we mean she went to Cartier for very expensive jewelry. Maybe she's snagging more insanely adorable diamonds for her daughter, Stormi Webster, while Jordyn Woods gathers the last of her belongings at their formerly shared mansion

She could also be treating herself to a little retail therapy for surviving such a terrible week, or perhaps she's just that unbothered by all of the social media attention. All right, I doubt that last theory, but you get the point.

The makeup mogul is busy. 

Meanwhile, her sisters are taking a less-than-subtle route with the Woods-Thompson saga.

Cue Kim Kardashian selfie-singing "Don't Mess With My Man" by Nivea from 2001 on Instagram. Khloé Kardashian's best friend, Malika Haqq, sat in the backseat with Kim and participated in the shady sing-along. 

Please don't hate me for this, but I'm just glad Nivea got some play in 2019. That song is still in constant rotation on my shuffle, still a bop, and still pretty accurate. Trust me, it bodes well for everyone to just find their own man/woman/partner.... You get the point.

While Kim is in good, shady spirits, Khloé is sharing emotional quotes on her Instagram stories about love and loss.

"Somebody needs to hear this. That betrayal was your blessing," she shared in a now-deleted story. 

"The worst pain is getting hurt by a person you explained your pain to," read another. 

True's mom is going through it. If you listen really hard, you can probably also hear her sobbing through the screen to R&B from the 1990s.

Still, Khloé is sticking to her regular schedule.

Khloé showed up to a PrettyLittleThing opening on Thursday in LA. She even cut the ribbon for the event and looked bomb in a cropped sweater and hot pants by the brand while doing so. 

A few fans called Khloé out for working during such a terrible time in her life, but big sis Kim provided a swift clapback. In short, the grind doesn't stop for tears or trash boyfriends. 

And about that good thing Khloé and Woods had going with the Good American brand ...

Woods has modeled for Khloé's size-inclusive Good American clothing brand since 2016, but that business deal seems to be over. The model has been removed from the website entirely. That's one less regular deposit her account will be getting, and there may be more losses to come.

I'm still holding on to some thread of hope that this cheating scandal is somehow a ruse. However, if this story is true, then it's VERY hard not to question why Woods wasn't considering her entire livelihood before getting involved with her best friend's sister's boyfriend. 

Despite that dead business deal, we still can't assume a sold-out lip kit means Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are no longer best friends forever. 

The two women have known each other since middle school. This friendship began before Keeping Up With the Kardashians, lip kits, Jenner's billionaire status, and both of Jenner's famous boyfriends. 

Woods was by Jenner's side after her breakup with rapper Tyga. She helped Jenner keep her pregnancy a secret and also helps (helped?) her raise little Stormi. They've obviously done business together numerous times, too. 

Friendships are so important, and although the internet seems to be having a field day with the messiness, it's really sad to see this possibly at its end. If Jenner does remove Woods from her life, she's going to have a really tough time getting used to her absence. 

This is business and drama, but these are also real lives and relationships being torn apart. Maybe Jenner isn't ready to go forward with that just yet. 

Instead of hunting down lip kits in the sale bin, fans will have to wait and see how this plays out over time. Perhaps that's exactly what Jenner and Woods have to do about their friendship as well.