Kris Jenner Blonde Hair
photo: Instagram/KrisJenner

Last night's 2019 Met Gala had its share of crazy hair moments, one of them coming from none other than the Kardashian/Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner herself. Everybody couldn't help but wonder who that beautiful woman with the starch blonde bob was last night — and people were more than shocked to find out that it was the momager we all love so much. 

But unfortunately, we can't let her take the credit for the bold move, because it was her billionaire beauty mogul daughter who came up with the entire idea. We can't lie, we're digging the look. Good job, Kylie.

When Kris Jenner stepped onto this year's Met Gala carpet, we were floored. 

Kris Jenner at 2019 Met Gala
photo: Getty Images

We're so used to seeing Jenner in her signature black, shaggy cut that it was quite the surprise to witness her switch it up with an asymmetric, blunt, bleach-blonde wig. She was almost unrecognizable as she walked the Met Gala red carpet alongside longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble. 

The look was definitely a younger and more hip hairstyle. 

Let's be real, the bob definitely had serious "I'm a cool mom" vibes, and paired with the bright color, it was clear that Jenner was hoping to shave some years off her age for the evening. And why not? With such a creative theme such as "camp," we were all for transforming into a completely different person for the night. 

But the decision didn't come from Kris herself.

At first, we of course believed that the choice of hairstyle came from Ms. Jenner herself, or even her hairstylist Jorge Serrano. But as Jenner proceeded to do her interviews for the evening, it proved that the decision came from a fairly unexpected place. 

It was all Kylie's doing.

Yep, that's right. We have Kylie to thank for Kris' bold, new look. In a red carpet interview with E!, Jenner told reporters that it was her youngest who encouraged her to try something new. Later on in the evening, Kylie confirmed her involvement while standing alongside boyfriend Travis Scott and sister Kendall Jenner. 

But let's be real, it doesn't actually surprise us. It makes sense that the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan suggested that her mom try such a crazy change for the night. 

But we have a feeling it didn't take much convincing. 

Kris looked ever so confident and comfortable in the bob, almost as if it all came naturally to her. 

She's long been known to delve into blonde territory here and there.

This is far from the first time that she's been spotted with blonde hair. In fact, it seems to be her go-to for big occasions, like last year's blowout Christmas bash. However, she usually maintains her cut, so this bob was a fun added change from what we're used to. 

Like, who can forget that iconic episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It was the episode that provided us with some of our favorite memes ever. And while Kris is a rich bitch in real-life, it seems as though she channels that persona even more when the blonde hair comes on. Maybe she should think about going blonde permanently? Or at least keeping that wig on constant standby. 

We're happy her famous daughter gave her that extra push. 

But I mean, we don't really see Kris telling Kylie, arguably the second-most famous daughter of hers, no. Plus, Kylie has proven to be a serious trendsetter in everything from fashion to beauty, so we're sure her suggestion came with little-to-no pushback. 

Kylie is no stranger to blonde, either. 

Or really any color, actually. From bright fantasy colors to bleach-blonde bobs, such as the one her mom wore last night, Kylie has rocked enough hair looks that we're not surprised at all that she was the brains behind that iconic hair switch-up. Now she has us wondering what she'll be suggesting next for her mom, maybe something even more outrageous? Pink hair? 

Talk about mother/daughter goals.

We'll know we've made it when we're selecting out our own mother's hair for the Met Gala. Until then, we'll just add this blonde bob to our vision boards.