Kylie Jenner Kylie Skin trip
photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Since summer began, all we've been dreaming about is a vacation filled with white-sand beaches and optimal relaxation, all expenses paid. And while we've been fantasizing, Kylie Jenner has actually been living it.

This weekend, to celebrate the second upcoming Kylie Skin launch, Jenner treated some of her closest, Insta-famous besties and daughter Stormi to a trip of a lifetime to Turks and Caicos, and everyone is losing it. 

With everything from a decked-out private jet to a mansion completely decorated in the Kylie Skin logo, the billionaire showed us all how to truly travel in style. 

Kylie Skin is trying it again.

After a rather tumultuous first release, Kylie Jenner is taking another jab at skin care. 

"I’m so excited to reveal Drop Two for @kylieskin! This time its all about body. Coconut Body Lotion, Coconut Body Scrub, & my Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Oil. These amazing products launch on July 22nd along with the RESTOCK of my first drop!" Jenner wrote about the new launch on her Instagram.

And she celebrated in the most extra way possible. 

That is, with a decked-out trip for her and her girls to Turks and Caicos. The over-the-top getaway included a personalized private jet, custom-branded Kylie Skin merch, a massive mansion in which each guest had their own room, and everything in between. Guests included Sofia Richie, Draya Michelle, and Jenner's bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou.

"Let the adventures begin!! #KylieSkinSummerTrip," Jenner captioned her Instagram recap of the jet to the island. 

And of course, Twitter lost it.

"Kylie Jenner is such a level of rich that I can’t even comprehend this KylieSkin trip she’s got on her instastory. Like how do you customize a whole rental house with your logo? How to get your logo on the side of a plane? Who do you even call for that? Is there a wizard? What," someone tweeted in awe of the trip. 

She's giving everyone serious friend goals.

Because, who doesn't want to put their friends on a jet and wine and dine them free of charge? "Kylie is really taking her friends on a kylie skin trip wow i can’t wait to be that extra," a fan tweeted.

Of course, there were jokes, too. 

It seems like we were all invited in our own heads basically.

"@KylieJenner so bummed I couldn’t make the kylieskin trip with the girls!! You know how things go with crazy schedules! I’m just so so so busy! Couldn’t take the time off! Thanks for inviting me though! Hope you & everyone have a great time! I’ll be there next time!" someone jokingly wrote

Say what you want, but we could all use a trip like this one. 

"We can all hate Kylie Jenner, buuut her parties look like legit the best time. This girl just bought a #KylieSkin jet/plane, customized for her summer collection, & took her girls on a trip to Turks & Caicos JUST so they can try the products out in 'real summer time' wow. WOW," another said

So what products were guests decked out in for super-smooth skin throughout the trip? 

Lots and lots of coconut. The upcoming July 22 launch includes all the products used on the trip, including a coconut body lotion, body scrub, and sunscreen oil.