Kylie Jenner Kylie Con
photo: Splash News

If there's one person who knows how to keep the dough rolling in, it's Kylie Jenner — or Kris Jenner, depending on who you ask. Well, the young billionaire's pockets are about to get even bigger, because she just filed trademarks for what seems to be a museum dedicated to herself. That's right, in a world of Complex Con, Comic-Con, and BeautyCon, we may also get Kylie Con. 

The evidence is real — and so are the reactions. 

Just when you thought we couldn't get enough of her, Kylie Jenner is proving that she's here to take over.

Looks like an entire event dedicated to her empire is in the works. "Kylie Jenner has filed new trademarks for: 1. KYLIE CON 2. KYLIE KON 3. KYLIE MUSEUM The filings were made on January 9 and indicate a new event, called KYLIE CON (or KON), is in the works. Here is my full rundown of the filings," a well-known lawyer tweeted of the news. 

So what can we expect?

While nobody knows yet, we're expecting lots of beauty-focused installations, including those for Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics, installations dedicated to her famous sisters, and of course, plenty more never-before-seen pregnancy photos and photos of our favorite, baby Stormi. Maybe even a rise and shine album?

And, as expected, the jokes are rolling in. 

"Kylie about her own Con," someone tweeted. "What will it be about? Kim's fridge?"

Most of the jokes, however, are about superstar Kylie Minogue.

"I’d be so pissed off if I went to a Kylie Museum, only to discover it’s not a museum dedicated to Kylie Minogue," someone said in a Reddit thread. 

"10+ years ago there was a Kylie Minogue exhibit at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. I got to go and it was the actual best day of my life at 11, she’s actually an amazing woman," someone hilariously responded, insisting that it wouldn't be such a bad idea. 

There will certainly be no shortage of selfies. 

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Selfie opportunities and selfies of Jenner, that is. If there's at least one thing we're certain of, this museum of everything Kylie will have unlimited photo opportunities. Because come on, who does Instagram better than the Jenner/Kardashian clan?