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First up, let's talk about Brown Sugar — the most important color in the bunch. Kylie says "I really wanted to create the perfect nude for deeper skin tones."

Given that Kylie has been called out MULTIPLE times for appropriating cornrows, and for treating Black women as accessories, this move towards inclusivity shows that she — or someone on her team, at least — has heard the criticism, and is attempting to course-correct.

Creating nude shades for women of color — and then showing those shades WORN by women of color — is something that a lot of big makeup brands don't even do, so well done, Kylizzle.

This 100% does not excuse Kylie's continued appropriation of Black culture (cornrows, anyone?), but it's progress.

Here's a swatch of Brown Sugar on Kylie's arm...

And a comparison swatch, showing how it differs from existing Kylie shade, True Brown.

Brown Sugar (left) is a lot lighter and more chestnut-toned; True Brown (right) is much, much deeper. I'd be interested to see it swatched next to similarly neutral shades in Kylie's line — colors like Maliboo and Dolce K.

The next shade is Love Bite, a smoky purple-mauve.

This shade is "Perfect," according to Kylie.

In the swatches Kylie posted to her Snapchat, Love Bite looks WAY more brown than it does when worn on lips.

Chalk this up to "Another reason why swatches are so important."

And if you were looking at Love Bite like it's a dupe of existing purple shade Kourt K, hold up.

Though in the promotional photos, Love Bite (left) looks like it's quite a dark purple, when you compare it to Kourt K (right), you can see that it's a MUCH dustier mauve.

The final shade is Dirty Peach, the perfect color to wind down summer with.

Modelled by BFF Jordyn Woods, the color is exactly what it sounds like — a dusty shade of pastel peach.

Jordyn was previously the inspiration for intense orange Lip Kit color, 22.

Here's the shade swatched on Kylie's arm.

This Snap provoked a minor shitstorm, with Kylie superfans saying that Dirty Peach was just Exposed in a different bottle.

But that was just a lighting issue: Here's a comparison swatch of Exposed and Dirty Peach.

Though both are the same general intensity, Exposed (left) is much more pink-brown, while Dirty Peach (right) is a true pastel peach. Lighting, guys. It's crucial.

And luckily you don't have long to wait for these colors: All three new shades launch Friday, August 26, at 12pm PST!

Each Lip Kit kolor will come with a matching lip pencil, and will be available at Kylie Cosmetics for $29. But set an alarm if you want one of these — you KNOW how fast Kylie's new shades sell out.

Now tell me: Which of these shades do you like best? What things will Kylie realize next?

Personally, I hope that she continues to show her lip colors on different skin tones — maybe she'll even swatch them that way, too. Anyway. Let me know yr feelings in the comments — maybe even tell me what things YOU'VE realized lately — or over on Facebook!