From the quality of her lipstick applicators to the scent of her eye shadow palettes, Kylie Jenner has come under fire for a lot of issues with her cosmetics line. 

Now, her creativity is being called into question, and people are bringing receipts. 

A few months after receiving their Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Lip Kits, fans noticed something fishy.

The limited edition holiday shade Blitzen looks eerily similar to her staple shade Spice.

Customers are accusing Kylie Cosmetics of repackaging old shades and selling them as limited editions to make more money.

The swatches speak for themselves, and the theory about price makes sense: Spice costs $29, while fans had to buy a $45 set to score Blitzen.

Another conspiracy theory is that Kylie Cosmetics might be repackaging ColourPop's lipsticks at a much higher price.

Mostly because the two companies have an almost identical formula...

Stephanie Nicole, a vlogger who works in cosmetic product development, outlined all of this in a Kylie Cosmetics review about a year ago.

...and also because Kylie Cosmetics is owned by Seed Beauty, which also owns ColourPop Cosmetics.

seed beauty

ColourPop and Seed Beauty are both owned by Laura and John Nelson, the founders of ColourPop. 

They even share their product development center, Spatz Labs, also owned by ColourPop's founders.

In her review, Nicole shared Seed Beauty's marketing and development mission statement, which places extreme emphasis on speed over quality. It has since been removed from both Seed's and Spatz's sites.

"Basically, what you just told me there is you throw shit against the wall and see what sticks, and when it's broken, you'll worry about fixing it later, Nicole says. "At $5 and $6 ColourPop prices, I don't really have a problem with that. When I'm spending, after tax and your exorbitant shipping, I'm paying $40 for your lip kit, I've got a problem with that."

Whether or not Kylie Cosmetics actually repackages ColourPop, one thing is for sure: Kylie's fans are going to notice if she dupes a shade and upsells it!

Do you believe the rumors or is this just a case of a really good dupe? Tell us in the comments or on our Eyeliner Addict Facebook page!