Kylie Jenner just revealed a new trio of matte lip kits as part of a "back to school" bundle launching this Friday at 3 pm PST. But unlike the usual hullabaloo that surrounds Kylie Cosmetics releases, this one was met with a big ol' wave of disappointment.

First of all, these shades are extremely light.

Customers who aren't fair-complected can tell right off the bat that these are not going to work for them.

Even Mink, the darkest shade of the bunch, is going to be a stretch for most medium and deep skin tones.

Kylie didn't even feature any medium- or deep-complected models in her swatch videos or photos.

And this has been a point of contention for Kylie's non-white fans for quite some time now.

But that's not all. Other fans are noting that every swatch taken so far has looked entirely different.

In fact, it's difficult to tell what these shades will really look like IRL.

Let's not forget the fact that these shades are VERY similar to some of Kylie's past creations.

And the people who know her catalog best are starting to call her out on it.

Besides, this range of colors is simply not on-trend for fall, nor is it really classroom friendly.

Kylie, baby, what is you doing?

photo: Giphy

Your fans deserve more.

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