kylie jenner pregnant
photo: Kylie Jenner

A mere 18 hours after announcing her fall lipstick collection, Kylie has finally revealed the inside of the ~mysterious~ purple palette — and I'll be real, it's pretty much what you were expecting.

Even though Kylizzle hasn't confirmed or denied her extremely talked about pregnancy, she *has* announced that she'd like to sell us many new things.

kylie jenner pregnant
photo: Kylie Jenner / YouTube

Those things include five new fall lip kits and a YouTube channel.

But until today, the *biggest* mystery in Kylie's fall collection was the all-new eye palette: The Purple Collection. We'd only seen the outer packaging... until today.

kylie cosmetics
photo: Kylie Cosmetics / Instagram Stories

Kylie's entire fall collection has this matte black packaging — this palette, like many of her other eye shadows, has the winking eye on the front.

Today, Kylie opened this bad boy up and gave us our first look at this new palette... and the colors are exactly what we've come to expect from Kylizzle's brand.

kylie purple palette
photo: Kylie Cosmetics

The palette includes nine shades, with a mixture of mattes, metallics, and slightly less shiny shimmers. It's built around a single color theme — purple, in this case — in a white cardboard component with a mirror at the back.

From the videos she posted to the brand's Instagram Story, most of these colors look similar to those we've seen before in the Burgundy, Summer, and Valentine's Day palettes. But there are some new purples to sink your teeth into. So that's decent.

And of course we got swatches after that reveal. Here's every shade in the new Purple Palette.

Unusually for a product tease, we didn't see Kylie swatch any of these shadows live — we only saw a still of the swatches once they were completed, and close ups of the shinier shades in the pans. So that makes it hard to know how these purple shadows really apply — from this arm swatch, the black looks like it might be patchy, but the shimmers look pretty.

If nothing else, The Purple Palette definitely follows the same color story as the fall Lip Kit collection.

kylie fall lip kits
photo: Kylie Cosmetics

Purple is so hot right now.

The Purple Palette — and all five fall Lip Kits — will be available on October 6 at 3 pm EST, exclusively on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

kylie cosmetics purple palette
photo: Kylie Cosmetics

We don't know the price yet, but my guess is that it'll be around $42 — same as her other, similar palettes. And remember, you'll ONLY be able to get these products on Kylie's official website... anywhere else is a dangerous scam.