kylie jenner royal peach

Kylie Jenner, noted Thing-Realizer.

photo: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

We're only three days into 2017, and Kylie Jenner is already making beauty headlines. King Kylizzle has revealed her newest eye shadow palette — and it FINALLY has the one thing her fans have been begging for.

Jenner rang in the new year by teasing her new Royal Peach eye shadow palette — and it's pretty major.

Like the Bronze, Burgundy, and Holiday palettes, this Kyshadow kit contains a versatile range of shades, with finishes ranging from matte to metallic.

But that's where the similarities end. Royal Peach is better in literally every way — it's a game-changer for Kylie Cosmetics.

kylie cosmetics royal peach
photo: Kylie Cosmetics / Instagram

Kylie made some major changes to the Royal Peach palette: It's long and thin, rather than square, which will make it easier to store. It has 12 shades instead of nine, all with the better, smoother formula. It comes with a blending brush (and space to store it), and — finally addressing the #1 gripe of Kylie Cosmetics fans — a built-in mirror.

Everyone who has ever tried or reviewed one of Kylie's palettes has addressed the lack of a mirror — including Jeffree Star.

I've never liked expensive eye shadow palettes that don't have mirrors — even though I, like Star, rarely use them. For me, it's a price issue; if a brand is putting out a nine-pan palette in cardboard packaging, with no brush and no mirror, and still charges $48, it feels like a rip-off. The upgrades evident in the Royal Peach palette demonstrate that she's at least listening to her fans.

And, as Kylie demonstrated on Snapchat, the swatches are rich, bright, and heavily pigmented.

While the Bronze palette suffered from some quality issues, Royal Peach seems to have a much better shadow formula. And I think I speak for everyone when I say THAT BLUE, THO.

My ONLY concern about Royal Peach is the brush. With so many shimmery, metallic shades, a fluffy blending brush might not have been the best idea.

Metallic and shiny shadows can be tricky to work with — nobody wants product fallout all over their cheeks — and the bigger and fluffier the brush, the worse that becomes. While a lot comes down to personal preference, I wonder if a long-bristled blender (third from top) was the best brush to include with this palette. Perhaps that's something that Kylizzle will look at in the next release.

The Royal Peach palette drops January 12 at 3pm PST — and will cost $42.

More shades, a better formula, better packaging, a brush, and a mirror — all for less money. Looks like Kylie really did realize things in 2016.

As always, you'll only be able to get the palette on the Kylie Cosmetics website. Accept no imitations; dangerous makeup fakes are literally everywhere.

Are you excited for the Royal Peach palette? What improvements do you hope Kylie makes to her cosmetics line in 2017?

I'm hoping she changes the scents of her Lip Kits; that strong butterscotch smell is A LOT. Tell you what you want to see in the comments, or over on Facebook!