Kylie Skin
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Kylie Jenner's brand-new skin care line Kylie Skin hasn't even officially dropped yet, and already it's facing criticism from many. But it's not because of the price tags or the packaging, instead, it's the ingredients that have fans concerned. 

The one exfoliant of the brand, the Walnut Face Scrub, has social media users shaking their heads becasue the shells of the nut is known for being excessively harsh on the skin. Both aestheticians and at-home skin-care lovers are warning people before the brand's May 22 launch to leave the scrub alone.

Kylie Jenner's skin has always been a major #goal.

Even beneath the heavy makeup that we're used to seeing her in, Jenner is boasting some pretty flawless skin. Thanks to her subtle freckles and seemingly blemish-free complexion, it's hard not to get jealous over the beauty powerhouses' skin. So while she's given us just about all the makeup tips we could want, we've been dying to know what skin-care products she relies on most. 

This week, after months of speculation, Kylie Skin was finally revealed.

"KYLIE F****** SKIN! wow," she said via Instagram. "Skincare and makeup go hand in hand and Kylie Skin was something i dreamt up soon after Kylie Cosmetics. I’ve been working on this for what feels like a lifetime so i can’t believe I’m finally announcing! building my makeup line from the ground up has taught me a lot and I’m so blessed with that knowledge to apply to my brand new company!"

You can expect these six introductory products from the brand starting later this month.

The affordable skin-care line that officially launches on May 22 features Foaming Face Wash ($24), Walnut Face Scrub ($22), Vanilla Milk Toner ($22), Face Moisturizer with blue light protection ($24), Vitamin C Serum ($28), Eye Cream ($20), and the whole set for $125. The products are said to be for all skin types, and it's all fragrance-free save for the cleanser and toner.

As expected, fans are freaking out... kind of. 

"Kylie invented glowy and healthy skin - she is gonna change our skin care routine forever," one seriously devoted fan said in the comments of Kylie Skin's Instagram. And while that claim may be a little ambitious, that doesn't change the fact the products will be flying off the shelves in no time. 

Some products seem great.

Like the Foaming Face Wash, for instance — the brand has deemed it the first necessary step in the skin-care line. Because hey, who doesn't love a good cleanser? It is, after all, the true basis for a solid skin routine.

But other products like the Walnut Face Scrub are causing serious pause.

Walnut shells, which some may think are a source of good exfoliation, can actually tear the skin. And as more and more dermatologists warn about the effects of over-exfoliation, the walnut shell powder is too harsh of an ingredient. Social media took notice and went in on that particular product. At this rate, we're not sure the Walnut Scrub will even make it to May 22.

Some feel that this is a cautionary tale of celebs with skin-care lines. 

"Remember when I said I'm skeptical when celebrities come out with skin care. Well I was right, cause Kylie Jenner came out with a walnut scrub, which is really bad for your skin cause the walnut shell is too abrasive for your face, and causes macroscopic cuts," said a critic who was skeptical about the exfoliator. 

Some are urging people to keep their coins. 

Kylie Skin Walnut Scrub
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"Who on her team advised her to put Walnut in a Face scrub? Might as well rub shrapnel on your face. It can cause micro tears in your skin causing more harm than good. Aye dios mio plz spend your money elsewhere not on this chick who’s pumped da house," asked someone who compared the harsh shells to shrapnel. 

Micro-tears seem to be the biggest concern. 

Kylie Skin Walnut Scrub
photo: Instagram/TrendMood1

"Tbh I have not looked at all the ingredients but I can say that the face scrub with walnut is a NO!," writes one clearly educated commenter. "Nut husk are very abrasive to the skin and can cause micro tears and irritation depending on your skin type. If you want something that’s going to be a physical exfoliant but not abrasive then the Tatcha deep cleanser works amazing! It used luffa which is soft on the skin but still gets rid of any dead cells and clogged pores. But as far as the other products go I would be very cautious before purchasing and always look at the ingredients especially that moisturizer it looks like it could be a dimethicone mess."

Even licensed aestheticians came out to speak on the questionable scrub.

"Hello from your local friendly pissed of esthetician. please, for the love of God, do NOT use Kylie's walnut face scrub, or any nut/seed scrub. they are way too abrasive, can worsen acne, and can cause pitting/scaring of the skin. very bad," said someone claiming to be trained in skin care. 

And while we sure won't be applying the harsh product to our faces, we are interested to try the rest, especially the vitamin C serum. Check it out for yourself on May 22.