Kylie Skin SPF
photo: Instagram/KylieSkin

When Kylie Jenner launched her controversial skin-care line Kylie Skin, fans and critics alike noticed one very important product missing: an SPF. The absence of the crucial ingredient was even more confusing, given that the initial release included a vitamin C serum. Well, it looks like Jenner may have taken note, because she just announced in a recent vlog that it's on its way. 

And though we're not sure if it'll just be a simple sunscreen, or some SPF-packed moisturizer, our biggest hope is that it won't be as disappointing as the products that came before it. 

In case we forgot to mention in the long list of Kylie Skin controversy, there's yet another problem brewing. 

And that's the lack of SPF in the collection. Most if not all skin-care lines carry some sort of SPF product, so you can imagine the dismay of many upon not seeing any in Kylie Skin's initial release. 

"Kylie jenner really did release a skin care routine full of vitamin C (without specifying what the % is) and not offer an SPF along with it. Like that's not how this works lol," someone said on Twitter. 

Even the few that kind of enjoyed the line took issue with it. 

It seems as if the general consensus is that the wipes are super dry, and of course, that walnut scrub should be banned completely. However, for a fan who did like the moisturizer and face wash, an SPF was still a must. 

"Bin the wipes and the walnut scrubs lord, moisturizer and facial wash are good, need better educated skincare videos, SPF is necessary!" she wrote.  

And some believe she shouldn't have released a vitamin C serum without first having an SPF to go with it. 

"@kylieskin Why have you not included warnings that you MUST use SPF while using Vitamin C serums. It is phototoxic!!!! I noticed one of your other products have aha/bha which also are phototoxic. Do you want people to burn over the US summer??" a very educated follower asked on Twitter. 

Well, guess what, everyone? An SPF is, in fact, coming. 

In a new YouTube vlog, Jenner takes us on a day in the life of what it's like working in her California offices. The pink-and-black-decorated space serves as home to her many businesses, such as Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, and it comes equipped with a bedroom and playroom for her little girl. For 19 minutes we got an inside look at the billionaire's workday and caught wind of some new, exciting releases. 

She revealed the SPF in the cutest way ever. 

In fact, she did it with her beautiful baby girl, Stormi Webster, holding it in her hands. After announcing to viewers that Webster is a fixture in all of her meetings, Jenner went on to say that what the adorable 1-year-old was playing with was actually Kylie Skin's first-ever SPF product, which she alluded would come out sometime this summer.

There was also another exciting teaser in her not-so-top-secret meeting.

Jenner and her sister Kendall had a meeting for a "very special upcoming collab." Kendall, applying the unlabeled makeup around her face, gave us a major clue that whatever is coming must be a complexion product. The collab between the two has been long overdue and highly anticipated for months on end. 

Now it looks like everyone is happy... sort of. 

Besides those who have taken to social media asking for their money back, and the many YouTubers who have panned the line, we're going to dare to say that the upcoming release will at least make a few people satisfied. 

"I had mentioned a few days ago that the Kylie skin set would be perfect if they’d come out with a face SPF and guess what, THEY ARE," a fan tweeted. 

Well, let us pray that this release goes better than the last. Only time will tell.