It's almost Valentine's Day, and that means one thing: Kylie Jenner's sold-out Valentine's Collection is starting to arrive on doorsteps. Well, some doorsteps.

Just four days from Valentine's Day, a lot of people are still waiting on their Valentine's Collections to arrive.

In fact, most of the empty-handed buyers are STILL waiting on a shipping confirmation.

And international buyers have it even worse.

People are getting anxious that they won't be able to wear — or give — their Valentine's Collections on the very holiday for which they were created.

Some think Kylie Cosmetics needs to reprioritize.

Some are going straight to the source.

And some have begrudgingly accepted their fate.

Given that the collection's packaging is even designed like a Valentine, it's understandable that fans will be pissed if their orders arrive after the 14th.

They even have "to" and "from" notes on the back.

Kylie's high shipping rate of $9 doesn't help much, either.

And now, a lot of people will most likely have to explain why they don't have gifts for their Valentines.

So, if you're still waiting on that fateful shipping email, we wish you luck.

photo: Giphy

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