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We'll say it: "La La Land" is the most romantic movie of the year. Not only did it break records, it was the ultra-swoony technicolor dream of a film that made us fall in love with love all over again. 

And now there's a makeup line to match — and we're absolutely starstruck.

Posted by Reddit user spellsandstars (a fitting name), the line includes a piano-themed eye shadow palette full of bright mattes and metallics, a classic Hollywood-red lipstick, and a baby-pink illuminating blush. SWOON. 

There's just one tiny problem. It's not real.

photo: Giphy

Everything is a lie. This makeup isn't real and neither is love.

It's not the first time we've been stunned by a beauty product we'd never have. Remember those gorgeous Hogwarts House eye shadow palette mockups?

Yep, that was spellsandstars, too. 

Knowing we'll never have this collection is shattering our hearts. Someone get this person a brand deal RIGHT NOW.

photo: Giphy

Our faith in love depends on it.

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