Beauty and the Beast rose

Enchanted rose ...or incredible highlighter?

photo: Disney

At one point or another, every Disney princess-wannabe has imagined what the enchanted rose from "Beauty and the Beast" would look like sitting on her vanity.

Snow globe lipsticks took beauty-obsessed future princesses one step closer to that fantasy, but Lancôme has created a total rose-shaped game changer.

Introducing La Rose a Poudrer.

Rose highlighter
photo: Instagram/@maria_taranenko_elle_russia

The blush-colored highlighter is part of Lancôme's spring 2017 limited edition collection and is ~literally~ a light pink rose covered in luminous powder.

Rose highlighter
photo: Instagram/@trendmood1


For a shimmery-yet-subtle highlight, you simply take a soft brush and gently swirl the bristles over the flower petals. (Click for video)

Sweep the brush across your cheekbones for a Belle-worthy glow. The best part? The rose maintains its beautiful shape.

The highlighter costs $60, and you can also snag a matching gold Kabuki brush for $34.

photo: Disney

Not bad for an IRL enchanted rose.

Both products will be available for purchase this month.

Lancôme plans to release the highlighter in January — so mark your calendars, beautiful Belles!