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Ulta, which was due to begin stocking Laura Lee Los Angeles in store, has also reportedly cut ties with Lee.

ulta beauty
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Searches for Lee's products on Ulta's site also come up blank as well.

The retailer allegedly submitted a statement confirming such to YouTuber Sanders Kennedy:

"We are disappointed to learn the nature of the tweets that have surfaced recently. As a result, the launch of [Laura Lee Los Angeles] has been delayed pending our review of this matter. Ulta Beauty values equality and inclusivity in all that we do."

Morphe, another online and in-store retailer of Laura Lee Los Angeles, has kept the YouTuber's products on its website — but they are all suspiciously sold-out.

morphe laura lee
photo: Morphe

That even includes makeup brushes from Lee's curated collections — ones that don't even have her name or branding on them.

Her discount code, from which she earned significant commission, has also reportedly been canceled by Morphe.

Users have noticed that her code is no longer valid when entered at Morphe's checkout.

The founder of BoxyCharm, a beauty subscription box that stocks Laura Lee Los Angeles products, spoke about how disappointed he was to learn about Lee's surfaced tweets.

Lee's products remain on BoxyCharm's site, but that might not last much longer.

laura lee boxycharm
photo: BoxyCharm

This could potentially be the biggest downfall a YouTuber has ever faced due to a controversy.

Revelist has reached out to these brands to confirm all these details and will update this post as necessary, by the way.

But that begs the question: Will brands continue taking a stand against racism with time, or will all simply be forgiven and forgotten in a few weeks?

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Because this isn't the first time this has happened, and it certainly won't be the last.