Jeffree Star is one livid beauty mogul this week thanks to one of the most shocking product leaks the beauty industry has seen in a while. 

In fact, "leaking" is an understatement, since it was taken to an entirely different level with this particular premature product reveal. According to Star, this is about way more than just showing a product before it's time; it's a literal case for the FBI now.

If you're ready for a roller coaster of wholesaling, conniving, no-good sheisty business wrapped up in Jeffree Star fandom (?!) — then buckle up and prepare for the drama.

Jeffree Star is usually beefing with his beauty influencer peers, but this time he's got his sights set on catching criminals.

"I never knew I’d be spending my Monday night with the FBI tracking down black market makeup sellers," he tweeted on Monday. 

Star has something major to get off his chest about people violating Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

"Since it’s April Fools today, I won’t be talking about anything serious but tomorrow I need to share some really [redacted] up news with you all," he wrote on Twitter. "It’s not about family thank God. Sorry for being so quiet lately... But something insane + violating has happened to my brand recently." 

He pointed out how his brand is experiencing such success and devastating drama all at the same time.

"I know that’s really vague but the last few weeks have been so fucking difficult... and also so amazing with the massive success of Blue Bood," Star reflected. "My life is a crazy roller coaster and I’m holding on for the ride. I’ll share everything with u all tomorrow. So grateful for you all."

But the cat has partially crawled out of the bag: A fan leaked his unreleased concealers — or knockoffs of them — then tried to sell the products on Facebook!

"YOU ONLY GET THIS HERE LADIES, here are the UNRELEASED Jeffree Star concealers," the woman wrote in a Facebook group. "These come from my supplier as they came in [the] warehouse. They're fully stocked. I can access them already if anyone would like to purchase." 

To prevent any bullying or threats of physical harm, Revelist will withhold the name of the person in question.  Jeffree Star has not confirmed or denied whether or not the concealers are real.

Jeffree Star fans also began tweeting him about a Magic Star concealer that doesn't exist yet — with photos of the actual unreleased product that appears to have his branding.

"@JeffreeStar I just asked this dude and he is saying that that "Magic Star" item is ur concealer but u haven't dropped those yet. Is that legit???" a fan asked on Twitter.

If you recall, Jeffree Star revealed in 2017 that his brand would be developing concealer and foundation.

Star revealed the info during a Facebook Live session with his former best friend, Manny Gutierrez, better known as Manny MUA. 

"Tarte Shape Tape concealer is my favorite concealer," Gutierrez shared. "It's currently my number one." 

"Currently, and then later this year it will be Jeffree Star Cosmetics concealer," Star confirmed. "Dropping this fall... Hopefully, the fall. Don't clock me."

He also trademarked the name Magic Star, which is labeled for concealer online.

photo: Justia

Magic Star is trademarked along with other product names like Resting B**** Face, Mannequin Skin, Redrum (released), Liquid Frost (recently released), Conspiracy (a rumored to-be-released collaboration with Shane Dawson), and Controversy. 

Clearly, the makeup seller was trying to enjoy a sweet come-up by selling a Jeffree Star Cosmetics product that is not only unreleased but also long-awaited and highly anticipated. 

It's an extremely insensitive digital age when everyone thirsts to be the first at everything, no matter who they have to trample on to do so. 

Unfortunately, this thirst to be the first backfired on the Magic Star Concealer peddler. 

Jeffree Star along with his millions of fans are furious, to put it mildly. 

"It’s disgusting and disturbing that someone would leak and try to sell your concealer .... ruined your reveal ruined a lot... it’s a shame," one fan tweeted. "I hope you find the person who was going to give them to her to sell.... just wrong. But I must say the packaging looks iconic!"

He also went into a little more detail on Snapchat about exactly why he has gone quiet on social media.

“You’re probably wondering, ‘Jeffree, you’ve been quiet for the last two days. what is going on? After Blue Blood, I kind of went ghost. Um, I’m going to be so transparent with you guys. Today is April Fools’ Day. I don’t have any jokes for you," Star shared. 

"I have nothing funny to say. I wish I did. I hate even talking about this because everyone else is busy laughing and I'm so sorry to talk about anything negative but there has been some really crazy sh** going on in my life. You guys ever wonder like, ‘What is life trying to prove with this one? What lesson am I supposed to learn?' "

Star explained that this controversy with his business is happening while he is dealing with his mother being sick.

"I think a lot of the times, sh** hits the fan one thing after another. With me, everything is always so high and so low," Star explained. "I just have literally the biggest launch of my entire career on Friday. Blue Blood is my biggest success to date and it’s only a few days old and I can’t believe. But you guys know I’m also dealing with my mother being very sick." 

The beauty mogul also dropped huge hints that the scandal is much, much bigger than a single concealer release.

"Something very disturbing and violating has happened to Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I don’t even want to try to explain it right now," he shared. "Something really horrific has happened to me. I have been violated at the highest level. I know there are some rumors and some leaks going on online and there is so much more to that story. It’s really f***** up. I am currently working with the FBI on a massive case, and we agreed today that I am going to share that with you." 

Fans believe it has something to do with a leak in his warehouse, but Star refutes any claims that his own employees were involved with the leak. 

"My employees aren’t involved in this," he confirmed. "The real story will be up tomorrow. So much false info being said online right now and assumptions."

What we do know is that one of the people who attempted to sell a Magic Star Concealer on Facebook has come forward, admitted to wrongdoing, and delivered a lengthy Facebook apology for her actions. 

Again, the name of this Facebook user has been redacted to prevent any bullying or threats of physical harm. 

"I posted it, I'm not going to sit here and play innocent. It's not who I am," the alleged makeup reseller wrote on Facebook. "If I did wrong I'm going to face it. I just needed time to process and think about what I actually did. I want to state I meant ABSOLUTELY no harm from posting that picture. I see and know now it was wrong." 

The woman went on to reveal what we all want to know, which is how she got her hands on Magic Star concealer in the first place. 

photo: VH1

"To put you in my current state of mind, I had found a post on Facebook Marketplace of a lady, I'm going to keep her name disclosed at the time as I don't want her to go through what I did. However, I contacted her. I asked her if I buy a large amount would she give a discount and asked if they were authentic. She said 'yes,' she gets them from a supplier in the warehouse who sent her PR kits and can send more." 

For full clarity, nothing in this entire recounted conversation actually proves that the concealers are authentic or that they were obtained in a legal way. "I asked her and she told me xyz" holds absolutely no weight. 

She also revealed that she is actually a huge Jeffree Star fan, which is very weird.

“I really do truly love Jeffree Star and his products," she confirmed.

Apparently, she just loves Jeffree Star and his products so much that she had to have them, circulate photos, and sell them before he even could. You know, because that's how you support your fave!

Nevertheless, Jeffree Star has tapped into his inner Kris Jenner.

photo: E!

It seems like he plans to hold the guilty — whoever they all are — completely accountable for their actions, as he should. Stay tuned because the concealer saga continues.