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If you love glitter, highlighting your face for the gods, and ACTUAL MAGIC, I have amazing news. Indie glitter brand Lemonhead LA — creators of the world's best glitter pastes — has just released something so unique, it's going to blow your damn mind.

This jar of glittery majesty is Lemonhead's brand new Houdini Spacepaste — a glittery highlighter WITH A SECRET.

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At first glance, the glitter paste LOOKS like it's a simple shade of icy white...

But when you move, the real magic happens. Houdini disappears, then reappears with a blinding violet flash!

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That's right. This is disappearing. Purple. Glitter. Highlighter. Imagine it: from one angle, your highlight is totally invisible... but then you turn your head, and POW! Sparkly purple everywhere!

And while I can't help but imagine the lives I could ruin with Houdini on my cheekbones, you're not limited to just ONE glitter placement. As with everything Lemonhead makes, you can go WILD with Houdini allllll over your body.

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I have every single glitter product that Lemonhead makes, and I've worn it in my hair, on my lips, on my eyelids, on my cheeks, and on my body. The cosmetic glitters are SUPER sparkly, the gel base makes the Space Pastes unbelievably easy to remove, and all the Lemonhead glitters are, of course, cruelty-free.

That said, glitter is an ingredient that you ALWAYS need to be careful with, especially around your eyes! Use your good judgement when applying Houdini near your eyeballs.

But if you want to get your hands on Houdini — and honestly, I am with you — you need to hurry. Because one this magical glitter is gone, it's gone for good.

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All of Lemonhead's products are handmade in small batches, and Houdini ($22, Lemonhead) is a particularly special edition. There's a limited quantity of this clear-to-purple paste being made, so if you want it — and I know you do — you need to get it NOW before it vanishes for good.

And there's even BETTER news — you can get 20% off Houdini right now with a special code.

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Just add Houdini ($22, Lemonhead) to your cart, then enter promo code FEELTHELOVE to save some money. Because what's better than vanishing glitter, other than a vanishing price tag?

My emotions right now:

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Now you see my glitter highlight, now you don't.