If you love all things sparkly and bright, you're about to be left breathless: this magical genius has actually invented LIGHT-UP EYELASHES.

The F.Lashes, created by designer Tien Pham, are LED light-up fake eyelashes that will literally let your makeup light up the room.

First debuting at Maker Faire Bay Area, and as detailed by Hackster, the F.Lashes are "lightweight, interactive false LED eyelashes with various modes that can be changed at the press of a button: scroll, dance, and sparkle. Currently, the rave-ready accessory comes in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green, though more colors are likely in the future."

Me right now:

photo: Giphy


With a tilt of your head, you could make your lashes ~twinkle~

photo: YouTube

The lashes stick on with regular lash glue. According to Hackster, the glowing lashes are powered by an ingenious design. "Thin yet practically invisible wires then connect each eyelash to a custom PCB and a 3.3V watch battery (which lasts about four hours) attached to the back of your head by hair clips."

But according to the designer, no, they don't hurt.

You can watch a quick interview with Pham here, and watch these dreamy space-lashes in action!

Gimme that sparkle mode!

The bad news? You won't be able to get these fake eyelashes any time soon.

According to Pham, the lashes he's wearing are still just a prototype — they won't go into production unless the Kickstarter project (launching in July) raises enough money to make F.Lashes a mainstream reality. You can learn more about the upcoming campaign here.

But it's not all bad news: F.Lashes won an Editor's Choice award at the Maker's Faire!

Give him all the awards, tbh — the Oscar for Best Picture, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, ALL OF IT. This person is a damn genius.

Learn more about F.Lashes — and sign up to learn more about the upcoming crowdfunding — right here.