Lime Crime is coming to give its fans a major glow up this summer with a new collection that's inspired by the beauty of flushed vacation skin. The brand created an entire Sunkissed Collection that's full of bronzy, glowy surprises. We're getting a new eye shadow palette, a face palette, more warm shades added to the Lip Plushies, and... a freckle pen? That's right! Lime Crime is going all out to ensure we get everything needed to pull off a true fun-in-the-sun face. 

Surprise #1: We're getting another Venus XS eye shadow palette!

Prepare to welcome this bright Venus XS into your collection! The mini eye shadow palette comes with four shades in matte and shimmer finishes. The shades from left to right are Spritzer (champagne gold), Rays (yellow), Sunset (orange), and Bronzed (bronze). I have ALL EYES on that Sunset shade. It honestly it looks like it will pop like a dream on a deep skin tone. 

Lime Crime is also doubling up on the palette fun with the official Sunkissed Face Palette of the collection.

The Sunkissed Eye Shadow Palette has six colors including a creamy bronzer, peachy blushes, highlight, brightener, and color-correcting banana powder. The shade names from left to right are Salty, Golden Hour, Sun Daze, Sizzle, Malibu, and Bask. 

Beauty brands rarely release face palettes with a pan of banana powder! Most release face palettes with bronzer, blush, and highlighter. The only other palette I know that features banana powder is the Revolution Ultra Contour Palette ($15, Revolution Beauty). This new Lime Crime release offers the perfect face palette for and minimizes how many different containers you have to use when you're in a rush and need a quick beat. 

Fans did have a few important concerns about the face palette. 

The seem to feel slighted by the fact that the new Venus palette repeats colors from the Sunkissed Face Palette. "So is nobody in the comments gonna mention that the eye shadow palette is four of the shades from the face palette?" one fan asked. 

'Tis true. You kind of only need one or the other. Lime Crime repeated colors so you could really just buy the face palette and you'll have everything in one product. If you can't use the bronzer or the banana powder in the face palette, then you could just scoop up the Venus XS to avoid buying a palette with shades you'll never hit pan on. 

Of course, Lime Crime added to its Lip Plushies collection with three shades for this Sunkissed line.

These lipsticks are all about serving up a metallic glow that's perfectly bold for summer. The shades are Ambrosia (pink champagne), Coco Froyo (bronze), and Popsicle (metallic coral). The Ambrosia lip shade gives off a really icy 1990s-inspired vibe while the Coco Froyo shade looks very regal and timeless. Popsicle is the most vacay-ready shade, as it takes on Pantone's 2018 color of the year, Living Coral. 

But the hot topic in this collection is undoubtedly the freckle pen!

The beauty industry has been insatiably obsessed with freckles for the last few years. Celebrities like SZA and Duchess Meghan Markle have been lauded for their gorgeously spotted freckles. People who weren't born with them have been using freckle stickers and even getting henna or permanent freckle tattoos

It's an entire faux-freckle movement out here and Lime Crime is getting in on the trend with this pen. According to Trendmood, it has "a summer-ready formula" and "a fuss-free felt tip that’ll grant anything from barely-there speckles to larger freckles."

Still, a large number of people have reservations about this freckle pen and the trend in general. 

People who have freckles seem to be very confused. "I got made fun of for freckles for so long and now everyone wants them. I don’t understand," one person wrote.

"I was born a redhead and have countless freckles. Think it’s a little weird to fake it but I guess it’s like a fake tan," another person wrote. "I'd rather see someone use this than try to find the sweet spot of damaging their skin enough to get them and not getting cancer."

Then, there are those who think the freckles made by the Lime Crime pen look incredibly unnatural.

"That freckle pen made her look like she’s got chickenpox," one critic wrote. "[These are the] worst freckles I ever saw," another person commented.

To be honest, this photo of the freckles does look 100% fake. It looks like a marker was used to create this which I don't think was Lime Crime's goal. Hopefully, the pen also allows for smaller spots as the product description promises.

One person thinks the freckle pen could have another use. 

"The freckle pen would be a great brow filler for redheads," a fan suggested. Hmm... I never thought what redheads do with so many eyebrow products catering to blonde, black, and brown. Still, there are a few brands that already create brow pencils for redheads. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glossier, Maybelline, and Sephora collection all have red brow pencils. Lime Crime's own Bushy Brown Pen ($20, Lime Crime) also comes in a Redhead shade.

People also pointed out that the two complexion products in the collection do not cater to deep skin tones. 

"What about freckles for dark skin? They should've released a couple [of] colors," one person critiqued. Yes, people with dark skin have freckles. I have them on my hands. The freckle spots created by the Lime Crime pen would look way too light on me. No one with dark skin has a chance of creating a faux freckle look with the pen without looking crazy. Several people were also concerned that the face palette features a bronzer that doesn't go deep enough to work for darker skin tones. 

Notice that the bronzer shade from the face palette is only shown on the model with a medium skin tone. 

That shade wouldn't work for a lot of people with darker skin. Even the swatch on the photo of the darker arm shows that the bronzer is lighter than her skin tone. That defeats the purpose of bronzer, which is to warm up a complexion and give it a subtle shadow. Lime Crime should have either left the bronzer out or created multiple face palettes (at least three) to suit a decent spectrum of complexions.

If you love this collection as it is and want to scoop it, then you have about two weeks to prepare.

Lime Crime will drop the Sunkissed collection on May 14 on the Lime Crime website. There is no word on whether or not it will hit stores that carry Lime Crime like Ulta and Riley Rose. This means fans will have to wait to throw a swatch party when the collection arrives in the mail. Who's ready for a sun-kissed glow courtesy of Lime Crime?