Despite Lime Crime's mass of controversies, you have to admit — the brand REALLY knows what the people want.

And what the people want is all-mermaid everything.

Lime Crime just gave us the first look at their brand new collection — and it's completely mermaid-themed.

Like this new version of its Hi-Lite palette called Mermaids.

($38, Lime Crime)

Which features three metallic highlighters in lavender, ivory, and sea-foam green shades.

And, if a mermaid palette weren't enough, three new metallic Velvetines are on the way, too.

There's Mermaid's Grotto, a pale blue with gold glitter.

($20, Lime Crime)

Seashell Bra, a color-shifting lavender.

($20, Lime Crime)

And Siren, a gold-toned peach.

($20, Lime Crime)

Best of all, there's an entire collection of mesmerizing aquarium makeup brushes — but Lime Crime has removed it from its site.

These screenshots from Trendmood reveal a set of seven brushes that seem to have glitter-and-oil filled handles — so as you move the brushes around, the glitter swirls.


The price point of these were originally listed at $58, but seeing as they've been removed, it's possible that has changed (or that they aren't being released at all anymore).

There's just one slight problem: There are NO release dates yet.

Keep an eye on Lime Crime's Instagram and website, but we'll keep you updated when the time comes.

Why must you treat us this way, Lime Crime?

photo: Giphy

Really, it's cruel.

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