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Former Fresh general manger Stacy Panagakis has just started as CEO of the company — Deere has stepped away from her role entirely.

If you're up to date on everything Lime Crime, you already know that Doe Deere stepped down as CEO a while back to hire Kim Walls, who was tasked with helping restructure the brand and building relationships with in-store retailers such as Ulta and Riley Rose.

Until a few days ago, Deere was involved in some creative consultation on products, but now she's stepped away from Lime Crime completely.

Deere's disassociation from the brand has caused a complete rift in beauty's corners of the internet, where blogs dedicated to documenting the founder's many public blunders flourish. Tumblr blog Oh Deere Doe Deere and Instagram user riplimegrime have rebranded their pages to no longer focus solely on Lime Crime in the wake of the acquisition.

There's no telling what the brand's new owners will do with the brand creatively speaking, but one thing's sure as hell: Lime Crime is about to become absolutely massive.

A brand rep told Racked that Tengram's goal is to triple the brand's size within the next five years, totaling $30 million in net sales. It will continue to focus on Lime Crime's own website as its main retailer while also pursuing more in-store retail deals.

Longtime brand employee Sasha Valentine is remaining on staff as chief creative officer — she'll be responsible for keeping Lime Crime's products on brand.

Long story short: Lime Crime's reign as the internet's most dubious beauty brand could be over.

A brand born of LiveJournal drama is now a multi-million dollar company. Who would've thought?