THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Lime Crime is set to release a Unicorn Queen Collection.

The collection includes a new Hi-Lite palette that contains 3 magical highlighter shades: Electric Pink, Electric Green, and Electric Violet

 ($38, Lime Crime)

There are also THREE new Diamond Crushers lip toppers.

That packaging, tho!

The first is called Over the Rainbow.

($18, Lime Crime)

The second is Meadow.

($18, Lime Crime)

And the third is called Unicorn Queen because of course it is.

($18, Lime Crime)

And yes, they will be available to purchase as a bundle.

($40, Lime Crime)

Or, if you just NEED all of it, you'll be able to snag the entire collection at once.

($76, Lime Crime)

The collection will be available October 10!

photo: Giphy

In the meantime, distract yourself wth the sparkle. SO MUCH SPARKLE.

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