Lime Crime is on a roll with the colorful, shimmery palettes in its beloved Venus series. 

It's only been a few months since the massive Venus XL palette ($56, Ulta) dropped, and the brand is already back to bless its fans with another!

Prepare your hearts to go back to Venus, you Lime Crime fanatics.

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere confirmed the Venus 3 palette was on its way during an Instagram live chat in March.

"Don't tell anyone I said this," she teased during the live chat. "But there is going to be a Venus 3."

She revealed no further details than the palette's impending existence.

Now, Lime Crime has revealed a product teaser and release date for Venus 3! 

"Something new is coming April 24," the brand wrote in an Instagram post of this plastic piece.

The brand also dropped a link that leads to this silhouetted picture of the new Venus 3 palette.

"Something Heavenly is coming soon, " the promo photo reads.

A closer look at the Venus 3 palette reveals eight large eye shadow pans. 

The pan count matches the Venus I and Venus II palettes ($38, Ulta)!

Mark your calendars and prepare for this new pigment parade from Lime Crime.

photo: Giphy

The palette drops on April 24. Stay tuned for more details, a full palette reveal, and swatches! 

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