Lime Crime barely let the shipping labels settle on the boxes of its new Venus XL palette ($56, Ulta) before teasing yet ANOTHER new palette release.

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere made a major announcement via her first Instagram Live chat held with the brand's fans.

Deere revealed the brand is making a Venus 3 palette!

"Don't tell anyone I said this," she teased during the live chat. "But there is going to be a Venus 3."

Doe Deere didn't reveal any product sneak peeks or drop any additional details about a release date or shadow colors. 

The Venus 3 will join the first three in the bright, bold Venus eye shadow palette series.

Since the Venus XL was meant to be more massive than the other Venus palettes, the new Venus 3 will likely revert back to the traditional eight-pan design.

Fans are FREAKING OUT over new Lime Crime eye shadows.

"Can't wait," one fan wrote. "The Venus palettes are legendary & trendsetting. I'm hoping for vibrant shades!" 

They're already fantasizing about the Venus 3 palette's color scheme.

"I have been waiting so long," another person commented. "I hope it's purples or greens!!"

Some beauty fans still aren't happy with Lime Crime and Deere's past. 

"Pass. Doe Deere is a lying, narcissistic bully," a person wrote

Another commenter shared, "Go and clap hands for this psycho nazi liar." 

Still, LOTS of Lime Crime fans cannot wait to get the Venus 3 in their hands. 

"Say what you will about Doe, but that girl knows how to pick shades," one supporter shared. 

"So I'm curious to see what that palette will look like. There would be no warm-toned frenzy without Venus 1, and no Subculture without Venus 2." 

Stay tuned for more details on this mysterious new Venus 3 palette. 

photo: Giphy

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