In the past few weeks, eight states have passed bills to limit the reproductive rights of women, specifically banning abortions. The wave of restrictive laws has incited protests from coast to coast, as women and men have come together to advocate for the right to choose. And as organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and more gear up to face off with lawmakers, other brands are doing their part to donate to the fight. 

Take Lipslut, for example, the unapologetic lippie brand that uses its platform to constantly advocate for women. For a limited time, 100% of proceeds from sales of its liquid matte lipstick formulas will be donated to the fight to protecting reproductive rights, and this is the movement we all need to join. 

Lipstick brand Lipslut is all about bringing awareness to issues that matter, especially to women. 

Gaining popularity for its bold, statement-making lippies, Lipslut first caught the attention of feminists everywhere with its F*ck Trump liquid lipstick. Since then, it's created shades dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an anti-Brett Kavanaugh shade, and other shades benefiting organizations that fight against the many injustices toward women. 

So in the midst of the recent debate over reproductive rights, the creators have decided to join in the fight. 

"Given the recent bans, we added a 'KEEP ABORTION SAFE' option at checkout for all orders of F*ck Trump. Through next week, 100% of earnings from 'KEEP ABORTION SAFE' orders will be donated to organizations that provide reproductive healthcare, work to make abortion more accessible, and fight to take down unfair laws," the brand said on its Instagram.

But you have only a few more days to take part. 

Through May 24, 2019, 100% of earnings from orders will be donated to support organizations that protect reproductive rights. "Update: our Reproductive Rights fundraiser has been extended site-wide. For the next week, 100% of earnings from everything on our site will go toward keeping abortion safe," Lipslut said.

And though there's not a new shade, people are sure asking for one. 

"What about a F*ck Yeah Abortion shade?" asked a commenter. If we could guess what color a shade like that would be, we'd propose a bold hot-pink, representing the strength and courage of the millions of women who have been faced with making the decision to undergo an abortion. 

There are also dozens of other great ideas for new shades. 

"Unrelated... Have you guys thought about releasing a 'neutral' or 'natural' shade named 'old white man'? Dunno why it came to mind," a Lipslut fan sarcastically asked, proposing a color resembling the exact demographic who have been passing the oppressive laws in the past few weeks. 

So which lippie will you be buying to support pro-choice organizations?

Ahead, check out your options. Whether red, pink, or purple is your thing, the brand has exactly what you need. 

Notorious R.B.G. ($20, Lipslut)

Nominated by you, Notorious R.B.G. matte liquid lipstick is an iconic, brilliant, bad bitch berry!

In honor of Justice Ginsburg’s commitment to equality, 50% of all earnings from Notorious R.B.G. go toward supporting organizations that embody her ethos. These organizations are to be chosen by the people, as with every lipstick purchased comes an opportunity to vote.

50% toward charity, 100% toward women's empowerment.

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F*ck Trump ($20, Lipslut)

Selected by popular vote, F*ck Trump matte liquid lipstick is a balanced, midtone nude pink.

50% of all sales from F*ck Trump go toward helping a civil rights organization targeted by the Trump administration. This organization is to be chosen by the people, as with every lipstick purchased comes an opportunity to vote.  

50% toward charity, 100% against tyranny. 

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F*ck Kavanaugh ($20, Lipslut)

Nominated by you, F*ck Kavanaugh matte liquid lipstick is a cool, calm, and collected deep red.

In the wake of past allegations, 50% of all earnings from F*ck Kavanaugh go towards helping anti-sexual assault organizations. These organizations are to be chosen by the people, as with every lipstick purchased comes an opportunity to vote.

50% toward charity, 100% against assault.

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Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs ($20, Lipslut)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, step aside — it’s 2019 and things have gotten weird. Leftylib-yadayada matte liquid lipstick is a deepcoolberrypurplishbluetoneplumredwine because apparently real words are limiting now.

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