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The last three years under Agent Orange's rule have been rough. Yes, we're referring to Donald Trump. The controversial and mostly divisive president has somehow managed to turn the clocks of progress back decades with his discriminatory banter, erratic tweets, and rollbacks on progressive legislation in an effort to return this country to the 1800s. 

However, his corrupt ways are prayerfully catching up to him, as an impeachment inquiry has been launched into just a few of his many indiscretions. Enter Lipslut, a lipstick brand working overtime toward his impeachment and making sure that bigots like Trump are never elected again. 

Show your support ahead. 

Many are unhappy about Trump remaining in office, especially for this long. 

And popular political and lip gloss brand Lipslut has created products dedicated to bringing awareness and relief to Donald Trump's divisive and downright inhumane policies through the sales of lipsticks and lip glosses. 

Amid the impeachment inquiry of the controversial president, Lipslut has once again created magic. 

Declaring boldly F*ck Trump and F*ck Kavanaugh with two of its previous releases, this new formula is all about supporting removing 45 from office. "Our followers have been asking for an 'Impeach' lippie ever since we started. After Nancy Pelosi announced the inquiry, we knew it was now or never. We went with peach because, how could we not?" the brand said in a press release.

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The peach hue benefits marginalized women who are looking to run for office. 

Impeach lip gloss is the peach you’ve been waiting two years too long for.

50% of all earnings from Impeach lip gloss go toward organizations working to support women and other members of marginalized communities running for political office—hopefully ensuring someone like Trump never gets elected again," the brand announced in an Instagram post

And unlike our president, the shade is totally universal. 

The blush hue with a sheen finish looks amazing on any skin tone, a staunch difference from our president, who hasn't been so friendly to people with darker hues. No shade, just saying. 

Sounds like most people just want this to be over. 

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What a tumultuous three years this has been. From discrimination, lies, outrageous tweets, and just an overall eternal state of WTF, this presidency is a bad dream we'd love to finally wake up from.