Lisa Frank Makeup
photo: Instagram

Who could ever forget the fond childhood memories that famed artist Lisa Frank brought us? Those colorful and intricate designs, that trademark unicorn, and of course that adorable leopard will be engrained in our memories for decades to come. But with everything old becoming new again, dozens of Frank fans are reviving the memories with new merchandise, art, and makeup looks. 

So in the spirit of nostalgia, beauty lovers are beating their faces in the name of Frank, and the results are astounding. From vibrant eye shadow looks to full-on cat transformations, these are some of the coolest and most creative Instagram posts that will leave you speechless.

Lisa Frank, but make it fashion. This leopard is so chic we can't take it! "Fun rainbow leopard look today totally inspired by @agbeauty_ who was inspired by @tephadoll_  Only 7 more pride looks to go! I’m definitely running out of ideas so pls bare with me at this point I really love how this one turned out so I hope you guys enjoy!" the artist captioned her photo. 


This mesmerizing half-face transformation will have you asking simply, "How?" These absolutely incredible artists completely morphed into part beauty queen, part Lisa Frank cat, with a look that was complete with brand-new eyes and spots all the way down her chest. Now this is inspiration for true makeup masters.


When Pride and Lisa Frank meet, this is the result. This incredible makeup influencer is crying literal rainbows and we're so obsessed. 

"*Cries in Lisa Frank* Oooh babies I am kind of obsessed with my @lisa_frank take on this @facebymalin & @milanreddydevlin inspired look. Were you obsessed with everything Lisa Frank as a kid? (Maybe even still?)" she captioned her Instagram post. 


For those cats that are a little bit more subdued, this one is for you. With a killer contour, subtle spots, and purple brows, this Lisa Frank lover is showing us her inner feline in the chicest way possible. Want to create the look yourself? Cheat by filling in a stencil with black gel eyeliner. 


"Lisa Frank inspired Takes me back to my childhood," this makeup lover captioned her photo.


This Lisa Frank–inspired look brings new meaning to eyebrow highlights. With tons of light blue in the crease and the inner corner, this leopard-print eye took dramatic shadows to new levels. Finish it off with a voluminous and wispy lash and you'll have a look that Lisa Frank herself would die to try out. 


"Y’all I am straight up inventing this challenge right now because I LOVE Lisa Frank and am dying to see more makeup looks inspired by her work! If you decide to try a Lisa Frank makeup look, use the hashtag #lisafrankchallenge and tag me so I can see it. Every binder, notepad & pencil case I had as a kid always had to be Lisa Frank. Who can relate?" asked this Instagrammer. 


"If you haven’t tried Jeffree Star liquid lipstick under eyeshadow. What are you waiting for? This is the most vibrant I’ve ever got my eyeshadow to be!" the artist captioned her post.


Are our eyes playing tricks on us? Makeup maven Allison surely has us thinking so! This ferocious optical illusion of pink and orange is taking us all the way to our childhood. 

"Girl that’s some pure looks amazing!" commented an adoring fan. 


"Animals have always been my specialty. This year my girls wanted to be wild cats for Halloween, so we did Lisa Frank inspired makeup. Hello childhood, so good to see you again," this makeup artist captioned her photo, reminiscing about memories of Frank. 

But wait, there's more. These are just a few of our favorites. Search the hashtag #LisaFrankMakeup on Instagram to find yours!