DefineMe Little Mermaid Fragrance
photo: DefineMe

The Little Mermaid is having its moment again, and we can't get enough. As the film's star-studded lineup continues to slowly but surely be revealed, and makeup brands are rushing to create themed collections, the legendary film and its remake is taking over just about every industry there is. And now we can add the fragrance industry to that list. 

Popular smell-good brand DefineMe is rolling out a new collection of Disney princess–inspired fragrances, and you can already guess which princess is up first. Check out the exciting release ahead. 

Last week, popular fragrance brand DefineMe started teasing something big. 

And many of us had a strong feeling about what it was. In a photo of two ladies wearing what appeared to be the same color scheme as Ariel, our favorite mermaid, we quickly caught the hint. "@alexismaymcmulin giving us major mermaid vibes and we are loving it. We are so excited for our biggest announcement (ever!) happening so soon!⁠" the brand wrote on its Instagram.

And finally, something magical was revealed. 

"The announcement you’ve all been waiting for is finally here…. We are launching a new scent inspired by the Disney Princess, Ariel in collaboration with Disney," the brand wrote about its biggest collab yet. 

"Our Disney Princess Ariel scent will have a splash of mandarin and neroli, flowing into a sweet floral with jasmine and neroli then finally crashing with a beachy, intoxicating blend of tonka bean, coconut and driftwood. With a lot of hard work, dedication & love, we formulated the perfect, beachy scent for all of you!"

The new fragrance was previewed this weekend at BeautyCon. 

Hundreds of mermaid lovers lined the Los Angeles Convention Center ready to get their hands on the new scent. However, if you missed the giant beauty celebration, have no fear.  ⁠

⁠"Our Disney Princess Ariel fragrance will also be available for pre-order. Did we mention that our custom keepsake bottle is made of glass and it will also be reusable! We know you are going to love it as much as we do," the brand said. 

The DefineMe booth this weekend was all about Ariel! 

And they turned fans into literal mermaids complete with fins and a giant clam for next-level IG photo opportunities. 

"@beautycon was a blast. Shoutout to @definemefragrance for turning me into a mermaid ✨ and to the entire #BEAUTYCON team for creating an empowering campaign for the event!" one attending influencer wrote. 

The fragrance will also come with rollerball options. 

DefineMe Little Mermaid Fragrance
photo: DefineMe

So you can even smell like a mermaid on the go! And when it comes to price, you don't have to completely break the bank. The standard size, which comes in a 75ml bottle that replicates a mermaid tail, will retail for $88. The second option, the rollerball size (28ml), will retail for $28.

And of course, we have to ask...

Do you all think this is what Halle Bailey must have smelled like on set for the live-action remake? While we can't be certain, a splash of mandarin and neroli flowing into a sweet floral of jasmine, then finally crashing with a beachy, intoxicating blend of tonka bean, coconut, and driftwood could definitely be her thing. 

Feeling like Ariel yet?

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And don't get it confused: While this may be one of our favorite childhood movies ever, this scent is made specifically for adults. So if you're looking for a scent that will remind you of the beautiful blue seas, without making you reek of teen-like fragrance, prepare to be amazed. Make sure you grab yours this fall!