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Another day, another dynamic Lizzo hairstyle. But this time, it's not a massive wood-grain hat made of hair like she wore to the BET Awards, or a bright pink finger-waved regal 'do like she wore to the Met Gala. Nope. This time it's long bright purple locks that deserve their own place in the Museum of Badassery. 

The look, created by none other than Shelby Swain, is all people can talk about, and it turned heads all weekend long. 

Lizzo doesn't play when it comes to her hair. 

And she's made that clear time and time again. Her styles, most of which are the work of the self-proclaimed Beyoncé of hair, Shelby Swain, wow us time and time again. Lizzo's epic beats go hand in hand with her fierce 'dos. 

And now she's trying a color we've never seen on her. 

It's electric purple, to be exact. The singer revealed the new hue this weekend at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta. Swain showed off the look for everyone to see on her personal Instagram page. "PURPLE REIGN HOE COLOR & INSTALL," she said appropriately. Fans understandably fell in love. "Looking like you belong on a Lisa Frank folder," one joked. "You purpled her Shelby! Omg," said another. 

She hit the stage with long, vibrant locks and gave a performance that was just as dynamic. 

Lizzo with purple hair
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And boy, did she put that hair to work. The stage was electrifying, and the energy was like nothing many had ever seen. But hey, any Lizzo show is sure to bring goosebumps. "That is f*****g crazy. The people vote Lizzo for 2020 President," someone commented on a video. Swain posted the crowd's reaction on her page. 

And even her background dancers had lilac wigs. 

Lizzo Purple Hair
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lt's looking like everyone got to wear that majestic color that night. Her background dancers rocked blunt-cut bob wigs that were a lighter shade than the one Lizzo was rocking. Needless to say, it was a sea of purple, and none of us have any complaints.  


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We really wouldn't expect anything less from our president. Next time, we'd love to see her in bright yellow.