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The response? Hundreds of women commented on her post on Reddit, sharing their own stories of body acceptance. 

Lonyea Maiden Body Positive
photo: Reddit

"One of my coworkers just told me I was 'getting heavier,' so I escaped to calm down and process. This post just put a smile on my face and gave me some much needed confidence. She is beautiful, and you are too. And so am I," a Reddit user shared. 

The bold post made other women with more prominent tummies reconsider wearing more form-fitting clothing. 

Lonyea Maiden body positivity
photo: Reddit

"I got these two dresses a while ago and tried them on. I could see the slight flatness of my belly button and threw them in my closet, haven’t had the guts to even try them on again. But Loneya looks wonderful here. She’s a bigger girl, but she looks confident, stunning, even with that belly button indent. Kind of makes me wonder...would anyone but me even notice it on myself?" another commenter noted. 

The fact that voices like Maiden's are becoming more prevalent is something the influencer community has long been in need of.

Lonyea Maiden Body positivity
photo: Reddit

"I'm so glad honesty and body positivity has become more prevalent among influencers and celebs. It truly is refreshing and makes such a difference to their followers. she looks so beautiful," a fan said, relieved that more women are speaking up about such issues in society. 

Fewer and fewer women are trying to fulfill unrealistic beauty and body standards.

Lonyea Maiden
photo: Reddit

"Took me a while as a short person with some weight on, I hated it. With work and better mental health I realized, I am in fact hot. & And that's an okay thing to experience and feel towards myself, in my current body," someone shared. 

I'm losing weight for health, but I was never able to while I held my body to a beauty standard I'm not genetically inclined towards, got those big hips and thighs, and that's alright."

One commenter recovering from an eating disorder was relieved to see Maiden's post. 

Lonyea Maiden Body Positivity
photo: Reddit

"As someone who is recovering from an anorexia relapse, seeing some belly positivity is something I need more often," she shared.

So why is it that larger thighs and butts have been embraced but not stomachs? 

Lonyea Maiden Body Positivity
photo: Reddit

One commenter had the answer for that. "It’s because fat thighs are ~*thique and In right now. Fat bellies are still considered just fat. Fat acceptance in different areas of the body wax and wane with trends," she said. 

And while that may be true, it's about time that same trend wanes toward embracing the size of any body part. Maiden just took us one step further.