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There's also Cloak of Invisibility, a melting bath oil laced with lavender and a shit ton of glitter.

lush bath oil
photo: Lusk UK

And, finally, there's Divination: a patchouli-scented bubble bath bar that's surely more effective than reading tea leaves.

lush divination
photo: Lush UK

But don't get too excited because there's a huge problem here. Actually, there are several.

photo: Giphy

These items are Lush Kitchen exclusives, which means they're SUPER limited-edition and hard to get outside of the UK.

The Lush Kitchen in England is where the brand cooks up exclusive products that sometimes are only available on site. The product batches are so small, the staff has to create a new "menu" every single day.

You can theoretically buy these HP products online in the US, but they'd probably melt or shatter during international shipping.

If you want to risk it, you can find Divination here and Cloak of Invisibility here. You'd better act FAST, though.

Plus, the Dark Arts bomb is already sold out. And that probably means it's gone forever.

lush dark arts
photo: Lush UK

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just thought you might want to know.

photo: Giphy

Can I get you a tissue? A hug? No? OK.

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