Lush Labs at SXSW
photo: Courtesy of Lush

Lush has revolutionized the way people across the world take baths. They've lifted our tubs to new heights with its luxurious bath bombs and left us smelling like a dream over and over. And who knew that this month, the brand will be turning the big 3-0. 

To celebrate three decades of sparking joy with fun, fizzing baths, Lush is unleashing its biggest bath bomb collection ever. So big, in fact, that it includes 54 all-vegan and handmade new bombs.

The collection was previewed this past weekend at SXSW, and next week, you'll be able to get your hands on it, too. 


In celebration of 30 years of Lush, the smell-good brand is launching a troth of its most popular product: bath bombs. 

Wide shot of Lush labs
photo: Courtesy of Lush

A whopping 54 new bath bombs to be exact. And with many being completely new inventions, you'll discover new scents and shapes, while others feature fan fave scents and blasts from Lush's past. And though we won't put you through 54 slides, here are a few of our faves. 



Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

The rich scent of blueberry will take over your bathtub with this fun bomb. 


Fairy Trumpets

Lush Fairy Trumpets Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

For anyone trying to channel their inner fairy, drop this in your tub and watch a blend of pinks and yellows take over. Ideal for that bath diva who likes the drama. 


Ginger Ninja 

Lush Cosmetics Ginger Ninja Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

Ready for a bath battle? Well get prepared with this gold ninja bath bomb. This festive and fun bath bomb is the perfect gift for the little ninja in your life.



Lush Geode Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

Let these crystals hypnotize you from the second it hits the water. Turn your tub into a sea of orange and purple all while hydrating your skin.



Lush Sushi Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

Sushi isn't only for the plates, sometimes it's for your bath! Bask in some of the finest cuisine (not literally) and watch the wonders it does for your skin. 



Lush Crown Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

You're royalty hunny! Don't let them tell you any different! Crown your tub with this majorly royal bath bomb. 


Shijimi Butterfly 

Lush Cosmetics Shijimi Butterfly
photo: Courtesy of Lush

Fly away to new heights! Well your baths that is. In no time, you'll be surrounded by a sea of blues.


Lucky Cat 

Lush Cosmetics Lucky Cat Bath Bomb
photo: Courtesy of Lush

You won't need luck when bathing like this. Get pretty in pink while keeping it cute with this super cute cat packed with good vibes and moisture. 


So when we can expect this mega launch, you ask?

Lush Labs sign
photo: Courtesy of Lush

Attendees and the people of Austin already got their hands on the new collection. If you missed it this year, you'll be able to get yours in stores and online on March 29.