We're always down to bathe with anything from Lush, but it's especially exciting to do so now that the brand is letting us do it for a cause.

Lush wants us to care about keeping our skin feeling and looking great but also about making our environment a better place. Did you know that humans are the reason for a huge number of shark deaths a year? The number is way more than the number of shark attacks against humans, might I add. People typically hunt them for their fins, but that isn't all. According to cosmetics brand Lush, "Sharks are killed for their flesh, cartilage, skin, and livers to make everyday household products like supplements, pet food, fertilizer, makeup, and skin care. And the demand for these ingredients is driving some species of sharks to the edge of extinction." 

To put an end to that, Lush re-released its fan-favorite Shark Fin Soap, which takes steps to end these slaughters once and for all. Proceeds from the sales will go toward making some serious environmental changes, and as usual, the bar is super affordable! 

Check it out. 

Lush Cosmetics is all about saving the environment. 

The handmade, smell-good products have always been created with the greater good of the environment in mind, especially the creatures of the sea. From its Turtle Jelly Bomb ($8, Lush) that helps spread the word about keeping plastic out of the ocean to the beloved Shark Fin Soap ($6, Lush) that donates toward saving sharks from slaughter, Lush is all about advocating for global impact. The products also aren't just great because they benefit great causes. Both products have great ratings on the Lush website!

And now the beloved Shark Fin soap is making yet another splash on the Lush website!

"Help protect our ocean’s health," Lush urged its followers on Instagram. "Our limited edition Shark Fin soap is online now and donates 100% of its purchase price to the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation. Find it in-stores this Saturday on #WorldOceansDay." 

World Oceans Day was Saturday, June 8. It's a day meant to celebrate and create more awareness about the ocean and how to make it a safer, healthier place for marine life. 

The proceeds for the Shark Fin Soap go to an organization dedicated to improving life for the animals.

"#WorldOceansDay is here and to celebrate we've launched a limited run of our Shark Fin Soap! It's online and in shops today, with 100% of the purchase price going towards the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation, an organization with a mandate to protect sharks at all costs. After all, this keystone species is integral to the health and wellness of our oceans and we need to protect them to ensure we are maintaining a healthy ocean and healthy world," Lush shared. 

Part of Lush's campaign includes providing us with some pretty scary facts about sharks. 

"Humans kill more than 100 million sharks worldwide every year which will lead to devastating consequences for our oceans. As a keystone species, sharks help manage ocean ecosystems, including seagrass beds and coral reefs. Healthy oceans undoubtedly depend on sharks. Pledge to end the #SharkAttack," the brand said on Instagram. 

The brand also made a huge statement by decorating its Vancouver offices in the most creative way.

"To help spread awareness to the human-driven #SharkAttack, we spread recycled cardboard shark fins on the roof of our Vancouver-based factory to highlight how many sharks are slaughtered every three minutes for food, cosmetics, and supplements. This is seen from a busy commuter train representing the shark deaths in the time it takes to travel from one station to another," the brand captioned a photo of the adorned roof. 

Lush is also offering a cute gift with every Shark Fin Soap purchase.

Each soap purchase comes with a cute set of shark stickers.

"... Help us spread the word. Every time you purchase Shark Fin Soap online, you'll receive a sticker pack that you can use to stick on products that are contributing to the slaughtering of 100 million sharks per year. Please note that sticker supplies in shops are limited," Lush wrote about the fast-flying sticker set.  

LOL. In other words, Lush wants to help you throw shade to any brands that cause the death of these sharks by slapping stickers on their products. Are you down for a little shade-filled, shark-loving fun?

By the way, the Shark Fin Soap has some really awesome ingredients.

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