This is the Ectoplasm bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics.

This bomb *looks* super-cute — but it's hiding a ~ghostly~ secret.

If you're squeamish, guys, you might want to look away.

You drop it in your tub, and it fizzes up FAST.

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According to Lushies who got their hands on the still-in-development bomb at the Lush Summit, the Ectoplasm bomb smells like sparking grapefruit.

It fills your bathtub with purple and white bubbles... BUT WAIT.

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Those bubbles turn into SLIME!

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Fans who've tried it say the consistency is similar to raw egg whites.

I'm whimpering rn.

(Suddenly the name "Ectoplasm" makes sense, right?)

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This is NOT a bath for the faint of heart — but if you risk it, silky-soft skin will be your reward.

This bomb has seaweed extracts in it, which ensures your skin will feel — and look — amazing.

But level with me: Could you take a bath in this super-slimy goo?

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I'm having... a visceral reaction to this.

I'm all about feeling like a Ghostbuster, but this is not the way I thought I'd go about it.

The Ectoplasm bath bombs are still being developed in the UK — and there's no word on when they'll be available worldwide just yet.

ectoplasm bath bomb
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I'm hoping they drop in time for Halloween — I cannot think of anything scarier than soaking in a slimy purple tub!

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