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That's right! Mark your calendar then prepare your souls AND your wigs for the Aaliyah for MAC collection coming June 20th!

photo: giphy

You aren't even ready — take a peek at the lipstick from the line: 

Of COURSE the brand went with a nude! Although Aaliyah would slay a red lip occasionally, she was most often seen with nude or glossy lips. 

It also looks like MAC Cosmetics has come VERY strong with this packaging. The metallic wine lipstick bullet is very grown and sexy — just like Aaliyah's music.

A silver Aaliyah signature is also a lovely touch for fans who never got the chance to get an *actual* autograph during the singer's short life. 

And SURPRISE, MAC also dropped a sneak peek of an eye shadow palette. "Which music video do you think inspired these shades?" MAC asked after dropping this MAJOR teaser of an eye shadow palette.

Fans are already loosing it over the colors in this cool-toned palette. Also, is this the *only* eye shadow palette MAC Cosmetics will drop for Aaliyah? Or will the brand drop a few smaller palettes like this one to go with a couple of her iconic music videos? 

There is so much suspense!

MAC Cosmetics DID NOT come to play, joke, kid, or half-step with this Aaliyah makeup.

photo: Giphy

It's been a long time and they shouldn't have left us *this* long without a product preview, but it looks like this Aaliyah for MAC collection is going to be well worth our wait. 

Stay tuned for more details on this much-anticipated collection. Who's ready to get that Aaliyah beat!? 

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