MAC Cosmetics unveiled a spring collection that's all about pink marble, gold, and neutral-toned glam, and the new makeup is set to be released very soon.

Some beauty lovers are over the moon about how the beautiful packaging will look perched on beauty counters and vanities. Unfortunately, there are lots of MAC fans who are looking beyond the eye-catching designs and calling the OG brand out for releasing top-notch packaging with unimpressive makeup.

MAC Cosmetics, fans want to have a serious heart-to-heart about the last few releases.

Trendmood revealed that MAC Cosmetics would debut the new collection, which is called Electric Wonder.

The collection will include two bronzing powders, two highlighters, five lipsticks, five lip glosses, and two eye shadow palettes. That is a sizable collection, and typically, one can never have too much makeup, right?

The packaging is undeniably pretty and pink! 

Anytime you put pink and gold together, you're bound to get a look that's going to catch eyes and dollars. I also love that the brand chose the trendy marble print specifically, as the packaging looks cutesy yet luxe. 

It's also pretty dope that the collection will have two eye shadow palettes. 

Most brands only release one eye shadow palette as the star of the full rollout. One palette is called Desert Lightning while the other is called Natural Vice.

Both palettes contain neutral colors. 

One palette appears to be a slightly cooler color than the other. Both eye shadow palettes have a mix of shimmers and mattes. The full collection will be available in the UK and Ireland on April 4 while the US launch date is still to be determined.

Despite how gorgeous everything looks, fans still have a major gripe with this MAC Cosmetics collection rollout. 

"Packaging ehhhh cute, but everything else [is] BORING AND THE SAME THING ALL OVER AGAIN! SO NEXT," one fan wrote about the collection

This is a gripe fans have had with MAC Cosmetics for a long time. 

Loyal MAC Cosmetics customers feel like the brand keeps rereleasing the same products disguised with different packaging. 

"MAC doesn't do anything new anymore," one fan wrote. "They just keep releasing the same products under different packaging. I think they should release just the packaging alone lol if this is what they're doing now. Like release powder and lipstick covers, I don't know. Cause it just became plain boring." 


People want to know why they keep seeing the same colors from MAC Cosmetics.

"Why [the] same old neutrals?" one fan asked plainly. 

Seriously, these are questions that need answers. It's also to point out that this isn't the first time MAC Cosmetics fans have complained about this makeup issue.

Many MAC fans were over the Aladdin collection before it even dropped because it was "underwhelming."  

"Oh come on, this should've been deep rich vibrant colors. Turquoise, gold, and purples," one fan wrote.

"So much more could've been done for this," another person added. "Where's the drama?? The jewel tones?? Ugh, it's underwhelming."

One MAC Cosmetics fan made the same repackaging accusation the new Electric Wonder collection is faced with.

"It’s literally just the Aaliyah collection with different packaging," one person commented. But, is it really?

Do you see any similarities between the Aaliyah and Aladdin Eye Shadow palettes?

Although the Aaliyah Eye Shadow Palette has deeper purple hues, there are a few shades that are very, very similar. MAC Cosmetics is not recycling exact palettes, but they are similar enough that you may not need one palette if you already have the other. 

MAC Cosmetics fans also called out the fact that this is actually the brand's second spring collection of 2019.

The Boom, Boom, Bloom collection only dropped a few weeks ago during the first week of March, also with pink packaging. Like the Electric Wonder collection, the majority of the pigments are pinks and neutrals. Did MAC Cosmetics really need a second collection that offers such a similar vibe? 

On March 4, when the Boom, Boom, Bloom collection hit the web for sale, fans had the same reaction to it that they are having with Electric Wonder.

"Enough with the brown eye shadow palettes already," one fan wrote. Another person commented, "Ohhh just what we need, another neutrals palette." 

The pattern is quite clear. 

MAC Cosmetics fans crave bolder pigments as opposed to colorful packaging. Actually, why can't we have the best of both worlds? 

MAC Cosmetics knows how to deliver on bold, bright colors. 

Look at these eye shadow singles. Some are bold. Some are bright. Some are both! The pigments look rich and fun, so why can't MAC Cosmetics bring this kind of KAPOW to its full collections — especially when one of them was a Disney collaboration? Like, if there is no other excuse to get busy with the ROY G. BIV, it's a DISNEY (read: family, children, princesses, talking animals?!) co-sign. 

Am I tripping? Are the other MAC Cosmetics fans tripping too? What say you, friends?

All eyes on the next MAC Cosmetics collection reveal. 

You can't do it, MAC! We know you can, and our hearts, souls, and coins are ready.