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Whether MAC did draw inspiration from Phillips and Omglow Cosmetics may never be known, but the timeline doesn't lie: A Black woman did it first.

photo: Giphy

Not only is Phillips a Black woman, but she's also an independent brand. She transformed her DIY products into a booming business, and it made my head spin. 

The short version, so you know what it takes when you do it alone, is this: 

She had to find hunt down a lab, find a vendor for the mixing pigments, seek out a college friend for a bottle design, spend two months tracking down bottles that would properly dispense the liquid *and* the pigment, and more.

This is also the part where I reiterate that Phillips *still* mixes her pigment and spray formula by hand in her own home for each bottle.

I'm exhausted just thinking about this, but that's why Phillips is an entrepreneur and I'm not. 

MAC Cosmetics, a brand with the Estée Lauder machine behind it, has a huge international team making sure it runs daily like a well-oiled machine.

It's unfortunate that the brand overlooked Phillips and missed an opportunity to not only include a another Black woman on its business end, but also to serve products that will flatter people with dark skin. 

But then again, that's why we have Omglo Cosmetics — a Black-owned brand serving Black people and Black skin the first time around. No ash and no afterthoughts.