Chances are you've already seen your fair share of magnetic nail polishes. Several indie and drugstore brands such as Sally Hansen and Nails Inc. tried their hands at it years ago, but the trend never seemed to catch on.

But one small brand is bringing them back in a way that's never been done before, and now magnetics polishes are sure to make a major comeback.

This is the 4th Anniversary Collection by indie nail brand F.U.N Lacquer.

($42 for three polishes; $6 for magnet, F.U.N Laquer)

From left to right, these shades are named Harmony, Incredible, and Believe.

All three polishes are laced with tiny pieces of metal that move pigments around when exposed to a really strong magnet.

That's why these polishes require you to buy their own magnet separately — anything you have stuck to your fridge will not be nearly strong enough.

Although magnetic nail polish is far from a new concept, these polishes are still the first of their kind because they're magnetic AND color shifting.

YouTuber SimplyNailogical demonstrated their magical powers in a video, and now the internet is HOOKED.

Because before the polish dries, you can create pretty much whatever design you want by holding the magnet over it.

And when they're combined with holographic top coats, they make the prettiest galaxy nails you could ever fathom.

Can you really blame people for having this kind of reaction to them?

According to SimplyNailogical, these polishes sold out almost instantly when they launched earlier this fall.

Luckily, they've just been restocked.

But something tells me they'll be selling out again soon...

Long story short, this is the beauty community right now:

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