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They were right when they said I'd be horrified. Because EXCUSE ME? That's got to be shredding those brushes.

photo: Giphy

But once I considered their process, I realized it could be kind of genius — but there are a few caveats.

photo: Giphy

This person still has to pre-soak all their brushes, has to find a spare pillowcase they're cool with getting wet and covered in excess makeup, AND use an entire delicate spin cycle JUST for their brushes. That's a lot for a water bill.

Unless you've got a gazillion brushes, it probably takes the same amount of effort just to hand scrub them in your own sink and lay them out flat to dry — it's far less damaging that way, anyway.

But, uh, to each their own?

photo: Giphy

I might not want to run up my own water bill, but I am still tempted to give it a spin... heh, get it? OK sorry, bye.

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