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photo: Revolution Skincare

Skin care is the buzziest, hottest topic in beauty right now, and it's a trend we hope never dies. Seeing fellow beauty lovers put effort into making sure skin looks nice and healthy with and without makeup is actually really refreshing. We can't let the Instagram filters do all the work for us, right? 

For every foundation and palette release, there are also new makeup removers, primers, moisturizers, and cleansers hitting the shelves. And let's not even get into serum talk! It's hard not to rack up literally every skin-care product in the beauty aisle. Over time, this obsession can get pretty expensive if you only stick to luxury brands.

That's where our go-to drugstore finds come in handy. The latest beauty brand to steal our hearts with budget-friendly skin-care picks is Makeup Revolution!

Makeup Revolution finally dropped its entire Revolution Skincare London collection on e-shelves at Ulta. 

"You asked, we delivered! Revolution Skincare has JUST DROPPED in the USA exclusively at @ultabeauty," Makeup Revolution announced on Instagram.

"Expect high-performance products, targeted skin solutions, and the latest ingredients, accessible to everyone — without the eye-watering price tag. Join us in the Skincare Revolution!"

Revolution Skincare London includes a lovely mix of serums and moisturizers that suit a variety of needs. 

There are 13 skin-care products in total! The highest-rated products in the bunch are the Revolution Skin Blemish and Pore Refining Serum ($7, Ulta), the Revolution Skin Superfruit Extract – Antioxidant Rich Serum & Primer ($14, Ulta), and the Revolution Skin Lightweight Hydrating Gel-Cream ($10, Ulta). 

Since they only hit the Ulta website this Thursday, there aren't any reviews there, but they each have a five-star rating and great feedback on the official Makeup Revolution site.

Though the collection was already available on the Makeup Revolution site and other online retailers such as Beauty Bay, this new release means we get to rack up on skin care and Ulta Rewards points at the same time!

This is super-sweet news now that the upgraded Ultamate Rewards program exists! We can snag affordable skin-care products, then use the points toward more beauty products or services in Ulta stores. Sigh. Don't you just love buying beauty that buys more beauty? 

Unsurprisingly, the Makeup Revolution skin-care collection looks like it drew inspiration from the products and packaging style of Deciem's The Ordinary brand.

It's impossible not to see the similarities. Both collections have the same bottles shapes, focus heavily on serums, and depend on buzzy ingredients like salicylic acid and retinol. 

For the most part, the price points are also very similar. Normally, dupes are developed to offer beauty lovers a more affordable shopping option. Since Makeup Revolution cannot rely on the allure of a cheaper dupe to draw customers this time, the brand has to really bring it with a quality skin-care collection.

Based on fan reactions to the new collection, Makeup Revolution hit the ball out of the park. Beauty fans are actually incorporating Revolution Skincare London into their regular routines.

UK beauty influencer Sasha Inspires uses the Revolution Skin Superfruit Extract – Antioxidant Rich Serum & Primer ($14, Ulta) to give her face an extra glow underneath her foundation. After cleansing her face and snatching brows, she rubs two drops into her skin before applying her foundation base and highlighting with concealer. The results are glorious!

UK influencer Anoushka made the Revolution Skin Quinoa Night Peel a staple in her bedtime routine.

"Using gentle quinoa husk extract, this lightweight liquid lifts away dead skin cells and boosts the skin’s natural cell turnover as you sleep," Makeup Revolution shared in an Instagram caption. "The result: Softer, fresher looking skin when you wake."

Since our skin repairs itself while we sleep, a good overnight product is always a must-have for every evening routine. 

Another primer that has our attention is the Rosehip Seed Oil Gold Elixir ($14, Ulta), which can be used in multiple ways.

Blogger Shanise Morgan used the elixir to help keep her makeup intact and was pleased with the results. 

"I decided to use it alongside the @makeuprevolution Conceal & Define Foundation (F8), Concealer in C8.5, Setting powder in Banana Light and @revolutionpro Matte Pigment in Spiritual," she shared on Instagram. "These photos were taken approximately 7 hours after applying, and my makeup is still intact with no oily skin. Yaaaaay!"

The elixir is meant to smooth the skin and give it a glow. You can use it alone at night for a bedtime treatment, wear it underneath foundation as a primer, or mix it with foundation for added glow. Yas, multipurpose beauty that saves money and time!

The most surprising part about this collection is that a few products in the lineup are 100% fragrance free!

So many brands make skin care that completely leaves out people with skin sensitivities. As a person with eczema and a skin allergy to fragrance, I have to be very careful about what new products I try. I am especially particular about what I put on my face, since that's where my skin is most easily irritated.

Anything with "fragrance/parfum" in the ingredients list on the back is an immediate no-go, and I know I'm not alone there. So many people dealing with conditions like eczema and psoriasis are limited when it comes to skin care, because so many formulas have unnecessary ingredients.

Luckily, several products in this collection are specifically labeled "fragrance free," which means they are gentler and less likely to trigger skin issues. 

There is one drawback about this collection for all shoppers to consider: It's still online-only, babes.

photo: ABC

This kind of sucks because the coolest part about previous Ulta releases like Kylie Cosmetics and Juvia's Place is that we could finally snag our online-only favorites in person. That's not the case here.

You can't visit your local Ulta and grab anything from the Revolution Skincare London collection thanks to it being an online exclusive. This means there are no samples to help you test-drive the skin care before you take the deep dive and purchase it. 

But we're still throwing a Revolution Skincare London party on the Ulta site!

Luckily, Ulta has a good return policy. You can even take the exclusive online purchases into your local store if you need to exchange or just want your money back. There is nothing better than quality yet affordable skin care that lets us ball out on a budget. Ulta, take these coins!