Shayla started her ColourPop collab announcement with this mysteriously and edgy editorial image. 

This image is simply stunning!

Shayla served a dark, brooding eye with a pop of red, glossy nude lips, dark stiletto nails, and paint splatters all over her hands — and that's how we knew this collab was going to be epic.

Next, Shayla teased fans even more with this gorgeous promo video that revealed ZERO new products featured.

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>"Are you ready?" she asked.

Thankfully, she didn't keep fans waiting too long. Behold, the Perception palette by Makeup Shayla and ColourPop — and this isn't all! 

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The Perception Palette ($23, ColourPop Cosmetics) has 16 shades in a mix of warm tones (Shayla's favorite!), jewel tones, pinks, and berries!

The gold paint splatter on the packaging perfectly explained the splattered paint on Shayla's hands in the teaser photos.

The palette looks super pigmented and has cute names like "Spill The Tea" (light champagne) and Shayla's signature tag line "Strut 'n Slay" (bronze-ish gold).

The Perception palette also comes with a mirror and names scripted in gold underneath each pan. 

Those details are a clear Shayla touch for her fans. They know she prefers palettes to be set up this way, so people get the most out of their makeup purchase.

Check out this shimmery, pigmented swatch party. Everyone's invited!

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The palette has shimmers and mattes and the palette is meant to be for creating day-to-night looks. 

The ColourPop x Makeup Shayla collection also includes four lip products. 

The Shayla x ColourPop collection has three lipsticks ($7, ColourPop) with the shade names Oouuuu (coral), Quickie (nude), and C'mon Sis ("mauve-y pinky brown"). 

There is also an Ultra Gloss Lip color is called Neat Freak ($6, ColourPop), which is a clear gloss with flecks of gold and rose gold.

This is how each lipstick looks on Makeup Shayla with the Neat Freak gloss layered on top. 

The lipsticks from left to right are: C'mon Sis, Quickie, and Oouuuu.

Of course a Makeup Shayla x ColourPop collaboration wouldn't be lit without some extra glow!

This is why she's putting out two loose pigment highlighters ($7, ColourPop) in the shades Boomin' (golden yellow) and Pose (copper gold).
"If you have a deeper skin tone, [Pose] is Heaven," she said. "If you have a lighter skin tone, you can use Pose as a bronzer."

Check out how pigmented the loose highlighters are though! 

"We are not playing with this pigment," Shayla said during a tutorial of her new collection. "This is not a game." 

ColourPop and Shayla did not come to play with the pigment this spring 2018. 

The collection hits the ColourPop Cosmetics website on April 27. Who's ready to get SNATCHED this summer courtesy of Makeup Shayla?

Watch Shayla's full ColourPop collab reveal down below.