Manny MUA is the latest apology in a very long saga of apology videos. To catch you up as quickly as possible, Gabriel Zamora, Laura Lee, and Manny MUA turned on Jeffree Star. The group called out the controversial makeup artist for allegedly racist behavior. Gabriel then posted a photo where he, Nikita, Laura, and Manny held up their middle fingers with a passive-aggressive caption that clearly shaded Jeffree.

Soon after, Jeffree's rabid fans dug up all the allegedly racist things the trio had said in the past. Both Laura and Gabriel released apology videos (many questioned the sincerity of the videos). Most notably, Gabriel revealed that he touched base with Jeffree and learned that all the drama was started by one person: Manny. This is Manny MUA's response.

We've been keeping you up-to-date on Jeffree Star and his motley crew of allegedly racist beauty bloggers so that you don't have to. 

The latest entry in the ongoing saga is from Manny MUA. In a shocking turn of events, Manny has taken the blame for basically everything

It all began when Gabriel Zamora dropped an apology video where he spilled piping-hot tea all over the internet. After Manny started liking tweets that implied he should part ways with Jeffree, Gabriel, Nikita, and Laura — Gabriel went off on Manny. 

Gabriel suggested that Manny had pit everyone against each other. However, Manny feigned innocence the entire time he was allegedly feeding Gabriel "lies" and "throwing Laura under the bus."

"This is a person [I] need to cut out of [my] life. [I've] been wanting to cut him out of [my] life ever since he threw Laura under the bus when Laura and Jeffree had that falling out," Gabriel said in his apology video.

"There is a certain individual that I need to cut out of my life, because it’s always just been toxic. A lot of the negativity around [me] and around [my] friends has been due to this one person. There’s the same factor in all these negative situations around [my] life… and that’s Manny," Gabriel said. 

Manny owned up to the accusations with an apology to Gabriel. "I want to apologize to Gabi, because watching that video I can see the hurt in his eyes, and I understand where he’s coming from 100 percent. And looking back, I would change things if I could," he says in the video.

Manny said his relationship with guru Patrick Starrr ended because of his own issues. Then he addressed his beef with Jeffree Star.

"Last year, me and Jeffree had a heart-to-heart — around November — and I went over to his place, and we wanted to talk about certain things. We wanted to talk about why we’re in this weird funk, but I wasn’t able to open up like I wanted to. And I wasn’t able to accept the things that he was telling me …. And I take full responsibility for that, " Manny said.

After Manny took the blame for being the catalyst to all this beefing, Jeffree made clear how he felt. 

These are the shady tweets that Jeffree liked after Manny's apology video dropped.

And then there's this from Patrick Starrr... 

Looks like after he got called out, Manny owned up to his role in this mess. Unfortunately, I don't think his friends will be forgiving him any time soon.