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Another day, another round of life-changing beauty news. This morning, Manny Gutierrez, AKA Manny MUA, set Instagram on fire by teasing a new makeup collab — and it's with a brand that will make you say "BITCH, FINALLY."

In the video announcement, Manny casually drops the news that this new collab on the way is going to be with a big, big brand — and that it'll be his last collaboration ever.

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The video pre-announcement was posted to Manny's Snapchat, which Instagram account Makeupcrayz captured and made available for us all.

In the video, Manny says that he's on his way to a second meeting with a big, big brand "About a collab I have going on at the end of the year... it's actually my last collab ever, I think. Not like EVER ever, but one of my last collabs for sure."

"It's going to be SUCH a good collab, because it's literally like BITCH, FINALLY. FINALLY I'm collabbing with them."

Literally everyone on Beauty Instagram right now:

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(That's a totally appropriate reaction, IMO.)

And as you'd expect when an influencer announces a ~mysterious~ collaboration with an unnamed beauty brand, it didn't take long for makeup detectives to start trying to crack the case.

I really love when thousands of people put their heads together to try to solve a makeup mystery — it's all the things I love about problem solving, deep internet dives, and online community. It's also all relatively low stakes, as the news will EVENTUALLY drop, anyway. Just as long as nobody spoils the big collab reveal with a leaked cake.

Anyway. Beauty fans have already started digging — and they've already got some THEORIES about Manny's last beauty collab ever.

THEORY #1: It's a collab with Morphe.

In the Instagram / YouTuber world, Morphe is THE brand influencers want to work with. Almost every beauty blogger has a Morphe referral code (which means they get money whenever someone uses it during checkout), some have "favorites" collections of brushes or existing shadows, and a select few — like Jaclyn Hill — have official collaboration palettes.

A collaboration like Morphe x Jaclyn Hill is an influencer's dream: a trusted brand, an affordable product, easy availability. If he's teasing a Manny for Morphe palette, that could be a big effing deal.

Manny clearly already has a good relationship with Morphe — though some of his fans aren't here for the lack of transparency around his #sponcon. But his announcement video kind of made it sound like this was a brand he'd never, ever worked with before... so maybe not.

THEORY #2: It's a collab with Smashbox.

This has some merit — recent Instagram posts show that Manny went on an influencer trip with Smashbox recently, and he uses the hashtag #SmashboxAmbassador on certain #ad posts.

Smashbox is definitely a major brand, and would make someone say "BITCH FINALLY" if they collaborated. Smashbox also really loves YouTube, having previously created a liquid lipstick with Lilly Singh.

Manny is certainly big enough for a brand like Smashbox to want to work with him, and aesthetically, the two would be a great fit. They're already working together, so let's file this away under "probably."

THEORY #3: Manny x Makeup Geek, part two.

manny makeup geek
photo: Makeup Geek

In 2016, Manny created this nine pan palette in collaboration with Makeup Geek Cosmetics. This palette was so popular that it sold out multiple times — so could his last ever collab be a sequel?

Personally, I think this is unlikely. It's been two years since the OG palette was released, so why come out with a part two now? Cute, but doubtful.

THEORY #4: Laura Lee Los Angeles + Manny MUA 4 eva.

This is by far the most popular theory — going by hints and insinuations in comments, Laura and Manny are supposedly "working together" on something that fans will see "soon." HMM.

On the surface, a collab between these two seems likely. They're still friends (maybe?), they both have their own massive audiences, and a collab between Laura's fledgling makeup line and an established influencer like Manny would be a great idea for growth.

That said, Laura's brand is still small — and Manny's collab is with a "big, big brand." It seems more likely that Manny and Laura would work together on a video or a photoshoot, rather than a product.

THEORY #5: Manny x Jeffree Star Cosmetics, part 2.5

Unlikely, honestly.

Manny and Jeffree have collaborated together on a collection for Star's makeup brand (and got sued for it), then put out another MUA x JSC highlighter with a hilarious name. Another liquid lipstick collab between the two former friends seems kinda redundant; it's definitely not the kind of thing Manny would be snapping about in the backseat of a car going to meetings.

THEORY #6: It's FINALLY a collab with Maybelline.

manny mua maybelline
photo: Manny MUA / Maybelline

Manny was Maybelline's first male brand ambassador. Alongside MakeupShayla, he was the face — and lashes — of a Maybelline mascara.

Shayla has since had a full product collection with Maybelline. So, the theory goes, maybe now it's Manny's turn.

This would be really cool, but I think it's unlikely. Manny's video implied that this was a brand he'd NEVER EVER worked with before, and was excited about collaborating with. If this was Maybelline, I feel like he'd have let something about it slip.

So, what's the verdict? Which brand is Manny working with next for his apparent collaborative swan song?

*shrugging emoji*

Until more information leaks, there's really no way to know! I personally think Smashbox is the most likely, but honestly, anything could happen. We'll just have to wait until the end of 2018 to find out.