Rich Lux Manny MUA
photo: Instagram

YouTube drama channels are just that, channels that report on and often stir up drama. They've become an integral part of the beauty community. And while not always positive, we can always count on them to keep us up-to-date on the beautysphere mess — in a biased way, however. But every now and then, influencers clap back, calling out the behaviors and saying enough is enough. 

That's exactly what happened with Manny MUA and his father after they didn't take too kindly to one of Rich Lux's tweets. Check out the mess ahead. 

Manny MUA's father has never shied away from his past homophobic views. 

On more than one occasion he's been vocal about his once toxic and hateful thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community. However, it's never been to defend his views. In fact, it's always been to bring light to his changed ways and how much his son, the popular YouTuber, transformed his perspective. The story of such an evolution has been inspiring to see and a testament to how people can change.

So in the spirit of speaking out against bullying, the father didn't take too kindly to a recent tweet from drama vlogger Rich Lux.

When Rich gave his predictions of who the judges will be on James Charles' new show, he didn't hold back. The list included Manny, referring to him as "Mann Mooch." Manny's father responded. "1/6 Sorry, everyone. I can't sit on the sidelines anymore and NOT say something! Rich, when are you going to stop the constant bullying? Call it what you will, but this is nothing but cyberbullying. PERIOD!! For the last year, you've taken every opportunity to spew your hate," he said. 

Then it got uglier. 

"Don’t talk about bullying when you’re a 'reformed' homophobe," said drama vlogger Nick Snider in response, rehashing the dad's past and seemingly using his revelations against him. 

But as expected, Manny clapped back in defense of his father. 

"This is SAD... like genuinely sad. My dad has made AMAZING changes in his life, he wasn’t the perfect father... but there are no perfect parents, there are only parents who try... which he EMBODIES. Come for me all you want but coming for my dads strides, that’s sad even for you," he responded. 

Needless to say, the attack didn't go over well. 

"MannyMua’s father is an absolute sweetheart. He has checked in on me and supported me. He’s an absolute doll and absolutely nowhere near homophobic," Thomas Beauty tweeted, recalling positive interactions with the YouTuber's dad. 

The interactions have led some Twitter users to call for the shutdown of Rich Lux and Snider's YouTube channel, teasing another possible drama-geddon on the horizon. And while the beauty space has proven that everyone who says they're an ally may not be, we have a strong feeling that Manny's father is sincere.